UHT Technology: Milk Quality Assurance Material Without Preservatives

Milk is one of the nutrients supporting growth and development of a child. But unfortunately, a growing variety of dairy products on the market, it is not uncommon negative effects on the health of beloved baby. The rapid development of the dairy industry and the many types of milk, often parents are faced with a dilemma in choosing the right milk.

Dr.Yoga Devaera, SP.A, Division of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of medicine-RSCM says parents need to know how to choose the right milk for child growth. Because after children aged 1 year and above, Mother’s Milk (ASI) meets only 30% of the nutritional needs of children. At this stage this age, the child is the main meal of solid food and milk is a complement to the growth and development of children.

Yoga said parents also need to look at milk the appropriate choice for the health of children. For children who do not have problems with health and good eating habits, the role of milk as a source of calcium is important for bone growth.

Wholemilk milk or naturally derived products are good sources of calcium, as well as a source of protein. As for children who have special conditions such as lactose intolerance or cow’s milk protein allergy, can choose vegetable protein milk products.

“The important thing is not the specific content in infant formulas, such as AA or DHA. But more than that, how to choose the best quality dairy nutrition maintained, ranging from processing to be in the hands of our (consumer),” he said.

Therefore it is important to know where the dairy products that have natural nutrients awake and good to eat.

In a seminar held Tetra Pak Indonesia in Jakarta, Prof.. Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Ph.D – Director SEAFAST (Southeast Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology) Center says one circulating in the community milk is milk that is processed using UHT technology.

“Milk UHT liquid milk that is processed using high temperature heating in a short time (140 degrees Celsius for 4 seconds) that aims to kill all microorganisms, both pathogenic and spoilage and mold spores, as well as preventing damage to the nutritional value of milk. UHT milk is a drink healthy with natural nutrients are complete, “he said.

Furthermore, Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB, said BOGOR the milk processing by the sterilization system Ultra High Temperature (UHT) technology is the most effective in killing harmful microbes and bacteria, which are processed with very warm temperatures height without changing the quality and content of nutrients that exist in milk.

“UHT liquid milk containing various amounts of nutrients and good composition to meet the needs of the body, and is safe for consumption without the need for preservatives” he continued.

In line with Purwiyatno, Elvira P. Wongsosudiro, Communications Manager Tetra Pak Indonesia said, as the company’s leading food processing and packaging in the world it pioneered the technology for processing and packaging of UHT liquid milk in the world.

“Milk is hygienically processed using UHT technology and technologically advanced aseptic packaging. Process ensures bacteria free milk, keep it fresh and preserved its natural nutrients because it is processed without human intervention. It also allows the milk stored for long periods of time without requiring preservatives, “he explained.

Milk consumption in children is very important to enhance the immune system (immune) body against various diseases. UHT milk is a good alternative to be consumed by children, because in addition to more practical, durable as well UHT milk stored at room temperature for at least 10 months during the packaging is not damaged.

Now it’s time, healthy lifestyle with nutritious milk consumption without preservatives.