The Imagination Three Years

When about three years old, his imagination is growing. He began to fantasize about various things. Starting from a fairy tale with all its beauty to the land of the evil witch. Starting from a horse that could fly to the fish that can speak.

It is very reasonable. Each child will get through this. This period was actually not a future that will make us dizzy let alone panic. If we follow properly, this period can be a very beautiful time. Growing child’s imagination while playing with her making a very enjoyable time.

What we have to do is steer well that his fear does not continue into adulthood. Sometimes we even feel that their fears could be used for the fulfillment of our desires. For example, if a child is reluctant to eat, we frighten him by saying that many ants would come if he did not immediately spend their food. Of course this is not right for psychic development.

Thing we can do is to accompany and assured him that we were there and able to protect it. Do not face directly with what he feared. For example, by saying, Well, see for yourself right. This ant is okay? It is often useful, even adding his fear.? We face is imagination, not the real world.

Suppose the suspected fire wall color. It would be better if for example we invite to play paint. We painted the walls while we encourage him to help paint. Maybe the paint is not even a neat result but at least we’ve held it at an exciting activity. Once he began to busy playing, slowly we tell that we are also going to paint stained wall. If he agrees, we begin to paint so that the color of the walls back into presentable.

With either approach, generally the child be not afraid anymore. He even became closer with parents who are always there when he needed. He knew that he was not alone and if he is afraid, there will be someone that he loved that came to his aid. Proximity to the child’s parents will be interwoven with better.