Shy Kids To Make More Confident

Different children, different character anyway. There is an outgoing, cheerful, aggressive, but some are shy. A child who has a shy nature, it is usually difficult when I had to talk to other children. As a result, they tend to limit the experience and did not dare to take risks, which in the end they will gain confidence in social situations.

To overcome this, the necessary role of the parents. Here are some ways that parents can do to help increase the confidence of a shy child, as summarized from the Circle of Moms,

No judge or judge

“If you always tell people that your child has a shy nature, then automatically your child will feel and believe that he is indeed a shy figure,” said Alison S. Renowned, pediatricians and parenting experts. In expressing the behavior of the child, make the words more neutral and non-judgmental or vote.

Not covered, but encouraging

Your child know that he was a shy child. Rather than cover it, it is better to encourage them to become more confident child. Never even considered it abnormal shyness, so that the child is not too worried about it.

Recommend on new things

Protect your baby from experience that he’d never do is not the right solution. However, that does not mean you are also directly forced to do things he feared because it can cause trauma. Therefore, accompany her when you ask her to try new things. For example, when he began the new school year or at a friend’s birthday party.

Your presence will make him feel more comfortable and familiar with such activities. Also, try also encourage children to follow the activities that can help eliminate shyness. As less dancing, sports, and others that allow children to appear in public with his ability.

Build confidence through job

Sharon Silver, Parenting Coach and Contributor Roundup says in his book ‘The Key to Building Your Child’s Self Esteem’, so the little one can decide his own shy, create conditions that can build her confidence by giving tasks that he can do well. For example, telling her to choose and order the food he likes. This can make them more confident and independent.

Teach him the basics of communicating

Children who are shy can be hard to socialize with people around him. Therefore, start by teaching basic things like looking at the other person and speak with a louder voice. If he was used to doing things like that, he will also do so while socializing in the neighborhood.

Rest assured, through the support and attention from parents, slowly but surely, the kids will learn to overcome her embarrassment.

Good luck!