Including Internet Addiction Mental Disorders

Internet is one of the technological developments that provide enormous benefits for life. The reason is quite simple: we can easily find a variety of information that we need on the internet. However, the Internet still holds the potential that could interfere with our lives. One is, “Internet addiction”.

As quoted from the pages of the Herald Sun, the technology enthusiast who can not escape from the world of the internet would be categorized as one of the mentally ill. The experts stated that in May 2013, internet use disorders will be included in the class IV or DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Diagnostics include people who are addicted to smarthphone, such as the use of tablets and desktop computers. Scientists Autralia incorporated in Australia Psychological Society convey additional classification of this internet game addiction.

By the experts, addiction is defined as a” mental” should always use this internet game. This phenomenon has swept many countries over the last decade, in which cheap internet access and the increasing number of emerging smartphone.

Mike Kyrios from Swinburne University of Technology, who helped write the submission of this disorder, said the research invested for the disorder. This study enables healthcare professionals to diagnose children with addictive behaviors from the excessive use of technology. And then leads to appropriate treatment.

“Game for children is an obvious problem. But overall, the use of the technology could be a potential problem,” Kyrios said, as quoted by Tempo Oktomagazine from the site.

So is the psychologist Emil Hodzic often dealing with children who are addicted to video games. He said the young clients who have dealt 12-year-old who was addicted to the Internet and video games. “The most typical signs of this addiction are symptoms of withdrawal, so that the expression of anger or frustration will come when he can not play,” he said.

As with the psychiatrist Rhosel Lenroot providing records to the media. “I think it is dangerous if we do not focus on attention problems. But on the other hand there is nothing wrong with the technology,” he said.