How to use rectal thermometer?

This method is an excellent way maybe it’s just less fun. Babies should be measured in this way given the higher accuracy. Recorded temperature is generally higher than the temperature measurements 10 by mouth (oral).

When using a mercury thermometer, make sure you are very careful. Sudden movements of the baby can make the thermometer broke and pose a hazard. Thermometer inserted through the ass hole (anus) for at least 3 minutes. Do not forget to fan the first thermometers shaking before use so that the mercury is already up to fall back.

To get optimal results, lay the baby in the tummy on top of a soft base. Separate the two baby’s bottom with your fingers and insert termomoter (which has been given lubricant) deep? 1 inch. After that you have to wait for 3 minutes while keeping the thermometer carefully in order not to break.