How to Reinforce Online Branding for Different Learners

There are different types of learners among the customers that you have to direct your promotions to. Knowing what each type needs will help you launch your Online Branding efforts properly. Here are some tips on what you have to do to reinforce your efforts in establishing your online presence and brand:

Visual learners. They love infomercials best. They don’t easily get the message if there are too many distracting graphics or the website is too disorganized. Don’t cram too many products in one page. If you want them to focus more on a certain product, put a video highlight of that product on one of your pages. You may use YouTube to host your videos or create slideshow of the product’s photos. If you want to promote your services, create an infomercial through a slideshow tutorial that consists of graphs and their descriptions. This makes it easier for them to understand your product better.

Kinesthetic learners. They love DIY projects. They connect better with a product based on their experience with it. It would help if you teach promote your products with interactivity. Through your website, ask them questions and make sure to respond quickly, start an online forum, help them create a shopping list, offer them advice on what to buy, and more. They also like to stay active so when they ask for assistance, direct them while letting them look at their computer. You may also engage them using simulations online. If you make product descriptions, use words such as hold, touch, feel, and anything related to the senses.

Audio learners. They like listening to talk radio. Look for Online Branding Services that allow you to talk to them. However, don’t welcome them with audio on your website that they can’t turn off. Don’t annoy them by forcing it on them. Upload podcasts or other sound files. Employ a salesperson or customer service representatives who are patient enough to keep answering the questions from these customers.