Honey To The Tiny?

For the little honey? Should not. Honey is delicious and many benefits can be disastrous when given at the little that even a year old yet again.

Honey taken from the wild and eaten in pristine condition. Unfortunately, the purity is often tainted by a kind of bacteria that can produce toxins (toxins) in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. The poison known as botulinum toxin.

Why wait 1 year? Because after the age passes, gastrointestinal baby is already quite mature and bacteria can not grow there.

It is quite unfortunate because the honey is well known as a good nutrient for health. The problem is, there is no treatment that can kill the bacteria without damaging the honey itself.

The poisoning itself is rare because not all honey contains bacteria. Because it’s not surprising that many people give honey to babies without ever having any adverse effects. The problem is, what if we are unlucky and got the honey, which contains bacteria that?

For these reasons, it is always recommended that the provision of honey should be done after the new baby is older than 1 year.