Five Best Colors for Beautiful Kids Room

In a child’s room arrangement, color selection is very important to help them feel comfortable and stimulate motor nerves. What’s more, children spend more time in his room, so the choice of color should be “friendly” with them.

From a wide selection of colors, five colors can be applied to the child’s room. The five colors are natural colors, green, blue, yellow, and pink.


Type of color is chosen to create the impression of a neutral, calm, also classical in a child’s bedroom. Natural colors to choose from such as beige, white, beige or salmon. The use of colors will produce a serenity room at once airy feeling. Moreover, natural colors can be applied either to the rooms of girls and boys.


The green color is often associated with this plant and is believed to give the impression of natural, nature, and peace. This color is precisely applied to a child’s room because it can give you peace. When entering the green room, children who were keen to get a move as a pause to relax and rest.


The blue color associated with the color of the blue sky and the sea gives the impression of cool, peaceful, and relieved. Blue can be applied at room girls or boys. The blue color is also friendly if it is to be contrasted with other colors, such as by adding white for girls room or extra room black for boys.


Yellow synonymous with passion, warmth, and enthusiasm, but do not leave the impression of comfortable and friendly. This color is also a color that can create a feeling optimistic, confident, familiar, and more creative. The yellow color is very positive that the right to apply to a child’s room. Choose pastel yellow to create the impression of a bright and cheery while still feeling soft.


This color is identical to the daughter’s room. The impression that emerges is at once romantic feminine wrapped. In order not to get bored with the whole all-pink color, you can choose the type of pink. Then, mix with a selection of furniture, accessories, bedding pink or friendly colors such as beige or white other. The color pink on daughter’s room is more fun and not boring.

Good luck!