Educate a Child Disciplined

You’ve probably annoyed, because you are not a Child also understand when it’s time she had to sleep or eat. Especially about teaching him to use the toilet or potty. When and how it should be taught to children?

Exercising discipline children should start early. Mental development of children aged between 3 to 5 years has enabled you to teach discipline in children.

Children in the age of the children generally takes sleep for 12 hours. This time is usually divided between the hours of sleep a night and nap. Fuss, when most children nap, then at night he had trouble sleeping. Therefore, parents need to create a pattern of sleep. When the child should sleep and wake. This pattern actually has to be established at an early age, so do not bother.

Please note, a siesta habit is not a must for children under five. Determine nap time about 1 to 2 hours. If more than that, the child should be awakened, so that at night he can sleep 8 to 10 hours. Enough sleep is very good for children’s health, accelerate metabolism and increase its activity.

To cultivate disciplined sleep in children, it takes a bit of patience from parents. Moreover, when the children were watching television or playing. Understandably, at this age the child was located in the phase where his curiosity is very large. However that does not mean we should meet every desire. When the child is ready for bed, turn off the television and invite him to his room. Pick a rather dim lighting lamp room, not too dark. Before sleeping recite a story or fable so calm him and make him fast asleep.

Using the Toilet

Trained to use the toilet / potty during bowel movements / small is also an exercise of discipline for children. You have to observe and record, whenever the child usually defecate or how many times a day the urine Upik.

According to the study, since the age of 18 months, children can actually be taught to use the toilet or potty. In addition, at that age, usually children can hold and control bowel movements and urine.

As an introduction, take her to see you use the toilet. Explain in simple words, what is the use toilets and bedpans. You also expressed her hope to want to try it. For the first time, maybe he will refuse to try it. Do not force it. Cultivate a pattern of routine nature, for example, every morning at six in the potty seat the little one, when it’s time to defecate or small.

If this is done continuously every day with a fixed pattern, then over time the child will understand if you want to defecate or small he had to go to the bathroom, however, the application of the pattern should not be carried out rigidly. If by chance he was already a large or small bowel, still go to the toilet or potty. Should be given the award when he reaches step progress.