Pest Control Tips

Unfortunately, with warm weather comes the joy of pest.  Every contender comes to wreak havoc at some point from insects to rodents. The best way to fix a pest problem is to take care of it before it becomes a problem. There are some tried and true methods to avoiding these pesky creatures that seem to plague our homes at some point or another.

For insects, there are several steps you can take to prevent them from intruding upon your home and life.  To deter ants you will need borax and table sugar. In a container mix one part borax and one part sugar, then sprinkle this around the foundation of your home.  Also sprinkle this around your doors and base boards. The sugar will attract the aunts to the poison borax. You can also use this for this for cockroaches by sprinkling this in and around cabinets. It is important to keep this away from pets and small children, as it is toxic.  For fleas a fantastic and natural remedy is spread salt on all of your carpeted areas.  Let is set for an hour or so, then thoroughly vacuum your carpets.  Do this about once a week.  It works because the salt penetrates and dehydrates the fleas.  Be sure to empty out the vacuum bag immediately so new fleas do not hatch and escape.

If you have ever found a wasp nest outside of your house, then you know what it is like to tiptoe past it, hoping to go unnoticed. If you have no wasp killer, you can actually grab hair spray from you bathroom and kill them with that instead. This will also work with bees, hornets, and other flying pests.  Mosquitos love to hatch their eggs in standing water, so be sure to change the water out in your bird baths every couple of days.  Do not let the water stand for longer than three or four days at a time. This will thwart the life cycle of the mosquito population.  They are perhaps the most dangerous of pests due to their ability to carry diseases.   If you find that you carpenter ants, you are probably dealing with other issues as well.  They will be attracted to any moisture saturated wood in and around your home.  It is good to check for this around window sills, roofs, etc.  Examine your homes for leaks regularly.