Beautify Home With Carpet Set

Each home reflects the character of the owner. But not forever decor always with the same concept. In order not to get bored, usually the owner beautify office, and among one of the easiest ways is to install carpet. With textures, colors, and patterns of diverse, carpet is an essential element for the arrangement of the house.

With proper arrangement, you can make a house more attractive and beautiful. If you want your home to look unique and far from the standard style, try to consider the four tips that quoted the following from Time Gal.

Choose natural materials
Use rug from natural materials such as hemp fibers, sisal (a plant with large leaves bones, used for making rope), or manila fibers. This type of carpet neutral but has a texture and produce webbing that gives a strong accent decor without making too much, especially if you have enough room filled with vibrant decor. Carpets made from natural can be placed in any room theme or design.

Use as a barrier
If there is not a lot of insulation in the home, then you can use the carpet as a barrier between the room from each other. For example, you have a spacious living room that blends with the dining room. Then use a carpet with a pattern and two different colors to distinguish between the two rooms.

Using carpet as a barrier not only saves space but also presents a visualization room more interesting. Choose carpets from the same color group but with different tones, such as light blue and dark blue. Can also use two carpet with a pattern of the same but different colors.

Note the size of the
One of the most common errors in placement of the carpet is too small or too big for the room. If you want to put carpet in the living room, there are two options that is select a rug big enough for all the furniture (chairs and tables) or smaller size to highlight just one piece of furniture, such as a small rug on the counter or coffee table.

Techniques stacks
Organize your carpet can be stacked in a way to make home interior design more personal and different. Prepare two rugs, one neutral color and one fit the theme of your room. It would be better if each rug has a different texture, such as carpeting with rugs woven braid on top of the skin. Can also combine carpet in neutral colors with bright colors for a more fancy room, or neutral colors with neutral colors if you want a more elegant atmosphere.

Happy decorating!