Animals cause accidents – How to prepare the learner

According to figures published recently, there has been an increase in the number of fatal accidents involving animals. Most of these accidents occur on rural roads distant urban environment. How can a driving instructor working in a city to teach students the dangers of animals on the road? Sheep and deer are the most common animals in traffic accidents and approximately 400 participants and 50 people and more than 40,000 deer are killed in accidents every year. Animals that are already dead when they were struck by a vehicle classified as objects and not included in the figures. Collisions occur as vehicles hitting animals who walk in the street to avoid breakage. These gregarious animals are discouraged from moving to the night, these accidents tend to occur during the day. Warning signs are now erected to warn motorists when the lambing season is underway, so that drivers can anticipate dangers. The vast majority of instructors to teach in an urban environment. Large populations of potential students ensure a sufficient level to run the business. Many hazards such as animals appear dark learners if they come from a rural area, although many incidents on the motorway sections may occur as stray fields near the road. Accidents with pets such as dogs do not occur on a leash in the city. Learners need to learn what to look for on animals. I ran a cat once and it was not very pleasant. Scan in parked cars and look for signs of activity which shows the presence of animals. If someone on foot. A dog near the road Check mirror and facilitate gas, so you should have more space to stop the owner loses control of the animal and let it run in the street urban fox is a common sight, and tends always see near highways that run around the outskirts of the city. Vehicle speed is higher, so are you looking to advance to the edge of the road and the low beam full, if possible. Longer worth the lesson might be time to give to reach a road. Advanced tests on these roads, especially if they contain run near a stable. I found a problem with horses on such a test, and it can be scary. Sight lines are limited, especially in summer when cornering as hedges and trees obscure warning signs, and animal activity. If someone met herd animals then come to a complete stop and let them go. The danger can come from animals in the vehicle, if the animals do not behave properly. How many times do we see people who drive with a dog who stuck his head out the passenger window?. Can enjoy the dog but it is prone to injuries caused by stones or debris from the wheels of passing cars near thrown in the other direction. Each animal loose in the vehicle can be a dangerous distraction. Keep pets in a harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog.