The Imagination Three Years

When about three years old, his imagination is growing. He began to fantasize about various things. Starting from a fairy tale with all its beauty to the land of the evil witch. Starting from a horse that could fly to the fish that can speak.

It is very reasonable. Each child will get through this. This period was actually not a future that will make us dizzy let alone panic. If we follow properly, this period can be a very beautiful time. Growing child’s imagination while playing with her making a very enjoyable time.

What we have to do is steer well that his fear does not continue into adulthood. Sometimes we even feel that their fears could be used for the fulfillment of our desires. For example, if a child is reluctant to eat, we frighten him by saying that many ants would come if he did not immediately spend their food. Of course this is not right for psychic development.

Thing we can do is to accompany and assured him that we were there and able to protect it. Do not face directly with what he feared. For example, by saying, Well, see for yourself right. This ant is okay? It is often useful, even adding his fear.? We face is imagination, not the real world. Continue reading “The Imagination Three Years”

Samsung Ativ S: GALAXY SIII taste of Windows Phone

Smartphones based on Windows operating system is not the old stuff to Samsung, it is no wonder they became the first to announce smart phone Windows Phone 8 to the public. Still following the Ativ series, Samsung’s latest Windows smartphone called Ativ S and designed to the specifications is enough to make us dazzled.

First, the Windows Phone 8 features a Super AMOLED screen measuring 4.8 inches – the same as GALAXY SIII – HD 720p resolution and a layer of Gorilla Glass. Despite the large size, but Ativ S has a thickness of only 8.7 mm only with the material body of brushed aluminum that looks pretty. As with their Android smartphone, Samsung includes a physical button in the center, just below the screen

For business performance, Samsung includes a dual core processor speed of 1.5 GHz and 1 GB RAM. It is not yet clear if this processor using Samsung’s own Exynos chip or not. Complementing these premium specification, there is an 8MP camera with a resolution on the back, while the front of the Samsung includes a 1.9 MP camera. Continue reading “Samsung Ativ S: GALAXY SIII taste of Windows Phone”

20 Tips Short Photography

Here are 20 quick tips for your photography information and add your photography skills, I’m sure some of it has been done but hopefully a few other new information. Click ¶ (if any) on the right side of each tip to see more detailed information. Please:
To practice your panning skills, shoot objects moving at normal speeds (people ride motorcycles, for example), use the shutter priority mode and set a maximum shutter speed of 1/30 second, slower is better. Watch your background! – ¶ –
For photographing macro (super close range), activate the Live View feature of your digital camera for easy checking depht of field and focus.
Filter CPL (polarization) are very useful to eliminate reflection of sunlight on water and glass, and also work to improve color of the sky. Do you ever wear sunglasses with polariser? – ¶ –
When photographing babies / young children, make sure you focus on the eyes. Nothing can beat the beauty of the eyes of children. – ¶ –
Megapixels are not the most important feature of a camera, the size of the most important features sensor
For portait photo (face) outdoors, try when the weather is overcast. If not, look for a dim area and not exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight makes harsh shadows on the face. – ¶ –
When you take pictures in low light conditions and distress using autofocus, switch to manual focus. Features autofocus on camera is usually pretty long sought a focal point in dim conditions. – ¶ – Continue reading “20 Tips Short Photography”

LG Optimus L9: The Smart with My Style Keypad & QTranslator

LG announced the Optimus L9, which is the successor to the Optimus series L3, L5 and L7, as well as the most advanced series between these brothers.

In addition to the beautiful and elegantly dressed, L9 Optimus also has a brain for quite capable performance. Dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1GHz accompanied by 1GB of RAM, 1GB of internal memory and Android OS ICS version 4.0, can be maximized by 4.7 inches IPS screen that has been personalized with the UX interface. However, 5MP camera may not seem special to a smartphone today.

However, LG has invested two latest features on the Optimus L9 My Style Keyboard and QTranslator. My Style Keyboard is a redesigned keyboard and allows you to adjust the placement of the buttons for easy use with one hand typing.
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LG Optimus M: Thanks Mighty Pro S4 Snapdragon Processor

South Korean vendors, LG, Android lovers indulge again with their Optimus series. This time through the Optimus M which is a smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip S4 Pro APQ8064S first in the world. The processor has a speed of 1.5GHz quadcore which features asynchronous symmetric multiprocessing (ASMP) which allows each core to work independently in the kitchen spur to match the needs of the use. One positive outcome is to save battery usage.

While in the graphics sector, Adreno 320 GPU LG embed claimed three times faster than the Adreno 225. It is supported with a + True HD IPS display with a size of 4.7 inches and ratio of 15:9. Unfortunately, the screen is still not Full HD because the resolution is 1280 × 768 pixels. However, the advantage in low battery consumption by up to 70% with a white screen background. While technology Hybird G2 Touch Display will eliminate the distance between layers of glass to the LCD panel so that the panel thickness can be reduced up to 30%, and optimizes the display outdoors in the sun though.
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Review: Hisense ‘andro smartfren max’ E860

Needs for higher Android-based smartphones only. The majority of them still want a device that is more affordable but not overly compromising quality. Smartfren as one CDMA operator in Indonesia, saw the gap as a way to increase their customer base significantly. This is evidenced by the response to the high market their products before, Smartfren Andro. Until now Smartfren still holding Hisense, electronic vendors from the Bamboo Curtain country.

The day before the Indonesian Cellular Show last Smartfren launched three new communication tools to the audience, one of which is the successor to the previous series, Smartren Andro Max. Using the Hisense E860, the response we received from the unboxing video on YouTube alone is high only a short time. Many are wondering what kind of performance. This time we had the opportunity to review it thoroughly.


Here is the video “unboxing” or open box Smartfren Andro. In this video you can see the package Smartfren Andro and glimpse the design before we discuss further below. First we tried using Andro Max with cards from other carriers to see if their device is locked Smartfren.

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Tips on Photographing HDR


Here are some quick tips photographing High Dynamics Range (HDR), HDR photo that you produce will be better:
Use the bracketing feature available on your digital SLR camera. By using the bracketing feature, the camera will automatically lower the ascending-exposure value (stop) very quickly, much more comfortable than we have busy hands rotating the dial.
Take 3.5 or 7 shots. Most photos in normal conditions resulting HDR of 5 photos with different exposure values and then combined. If you deal with the object images with different brightness are too flashy, take 7 exposures at once so the results even better
Do not vary the aperture value in a series of photo shoot for an object. Set the exposure mode on the position of Aperture Priority (A or Av) to ensure the sharpness of the final HDR photo. If you vary the aperture value, the camera’s focus will also change, so the area becomes inconsistent sharp photo
Use matrix metering or evaluative metering where the camera will measure all the elements in the object image before determining what amount of exposure needed
Use a tripod to ensure the end result is not blurry photo. By using a tripod, our pictures will be sharper due to consistent shots from a catapult to the next. If you have a shutter release, use as well.
If possible, use the RAW format when shooting HDR.