iPhone 5 Officially Announced: Bodi More Light, More Screen

Apple officially introduced the iPhone 5 to the public through the media gathering in the U.S.. Maybe we both curiosity with you, let alone other companies like Samsung caliber Goophone up, ready to “threatened” with the issue of Apple’s 4G LTE network technology and design. Therefore let’s see what’s new at Apple.

iPhone 5 has a thickness (or thinness?) is only 7.6mm, 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. The body was designed using a combination of aluminum and glass – making it more elegant and luxurious. In general, the design is still the typical iPhone or iPod. While the 4-inch wide screen has a HD resolution of 1136 × 640 and still rely on the sharp Retina Display technology while remaining comfortable to the eye.

This smartphone performance relies on Apple’s new A6 processor that is claimed to 2 times faster in terms of data processing and graphics compared to that used in the iPhone 4S. The battery used is also new, can be used up to 8 hours of non-stop browsing via LTE.
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Understanding How Work Metering Digital SLR Camera (DSLR)

Every modern digital SLR cameras equipped with the manufacturer’s name Metering Mode, Exposure Metering, Camera Metering or for more practical we call Metering already assembled therein. In this article we will try to understand what it is metering? how it works as well as some major flaws that we must face (underexposed and overexposed). In the next article, further our understanding of the metering mode (matrix / evaluative, center weighted and spot metering).
What is Metering? What Purpose?
In principle, no different from the meter rolls used construction worker or meter tailor tape used to measure length, metering is only used by a DSLR camera to measure light, which is relatively more meticulous than the measured length.
Metering is used to measure the light that is seen by the camera (the light coming into the lens). When we see an object image through the camera viewfinder, light conditions in the object to be measured by the metering system. The main purpose of the camera metering system is to produce images that fit exposure. Metering done by analyzing the darkness bright picture of an object and then determine the amount of shutter speed, aperture and ISO so that the images you are right, not too dark or not too bright.
Her dizziness Hmm …. okay,imagine your eyes. When you feel the glare of what you do?  eyes instead! Unconsciously you reduce the amount of light entering the eye so that you are not blinded (not too bright). Conversely, when you feel the light is too dim automatically open your eyes wide.  eyes wide open so that eyes feel uncomfortable when I saw (the right exposure), as that is the task of the camera metering system. Continue reading “Understanding How Work Metering Digital SLR Camera (DSLR)”

HTC 8X & 8S: Duo Smartphone Windows Phone 8 Full Colour

Besides Android smartphone operating system, HTC also we are familiar with Windows-based products that are subscribed to them since the Dopod first. Although not as extensive as their Android products, HTC is now re-present sense of Windows Phone smartphones via two series-looking twin, HTC 8X and 8S. Later, these two colorful smarpthone will use Microsoft’s latest OS for mobile devices, Windows Phone 8.

HTC 8X performance relied on speed 1.5GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM. 4.3-inch screen has a resolution of HD is 1280 × 720 pixels with a density of 342ppi. By design, the HTC seems very successfully blends their distinctive flavors with unusual characteristics possessed by Windows Phone smartphones.

16GB of internal memory is provided. Business connectivity, 8X are complete with the presence of NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are unfortunately still using version 2.1 + EDR. And, as usual, HTC has pinned beats audio technology to amplify the voice sector.
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Kanavos, the Funky Windows Phone Concept

Since Nokia launched its Windows Phone smartphone, smartphones appear using other brands of smartphone operating system made ​​by Microsoft. But what about the design? Normally may not be different from existing touch screen phones on the market. For those who are bored with the design of an ordinary cell phone, try to peek deh Windows Phone design from Yanko Design website designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos really funky.

Mobile concept named this Kanavos imagined by the designer as a smart phone that presents visual interaction between hardware and software. By Alexandros Stasinopoulos, Kanavos presents a balanced design, presenting a unified balance between hardware, operating systems and interfaces. Kanavos presents a characteristic strong Windows Phone tiles with more real.

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20 Tips Photos Portrait

Photo portrait, portraits or pictures of faces are often the most frequent photo we produce. If you have a family, I believe they are the most frequent images of objects exist and are readily available. Likewise, if you have a boyfriend, friend etc.. In this article we will discuss 20 tips portraits. Please: please:
1. Shoot them in the place that makes them comfortable.
Ever try photographing your grandfather in the photo studio? not awkward. Once upon a time try to photograph them in their working environment, such as reading a newspaper at home, at the office at work. Portraits of children are the easiest example: when they are playing with her favorite toys, while their eyes are cheerful, shoot.
2. Photograph Children of the same height with their eyes.
Squat down and make the lens level with their eyes, only took photos of them.
3. Maximize lighting from the window.
It does not matter if we do not have an external flash or lighting a sophisticated, we can maximize natural lighting, use of light passing through your window. Position the object image beside the window so that the light from the window on my face from the side, not perpendicular to the face.
4. Avoid using on-camera flash.
On camera flash is a flash on camera attached to your luggage. Because the light emitted from a flash this direction perpendicular to the face of the lighting will be hard and flat, instead of beautifying facial images of objects it makes it look hard.
5. Deliberately overexpose photos.
Deliberately raise the exposure of the camera to capture a face make the face look more white, clean and modern impressed. If you observe facial photographs in magazines tend to use this technique. The technique is also often overexpose  called high key. Continue reading “20 Tips Photos Portrait”

HTC One X +: More Fresh with Jelly Bean

HTC One X seems quite successful in drawing the attention of consumers with all its advantages. It therefore makes sense if HTC have released a successor to a similar but not the same – because the course has undergone various improvements both in terms of appearance and specifications. Series One X + is reportedly (still) is positioned to face the Samsung GALAXY S III.

From the design, One X + is actually not experienced many significant changes. Logged HTC just add a blue color on the back of this smartphone. The interface is also updated via HTC Sense v4 + so it would spoil your eyes. Moreover, this series is already using the latest version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which of course will also offer a “taste” different from Ice Cream Sandwich.

Its performance is more robust thanks to the quad-core processor with Nvidia Tegra 3 AP37 chipset 1.7GHz. So what’s the difference with One X series? Performance One X + will be faster up to 67% compared to the older brother, the HTC claims. In addition, the One X + has also been equipped with 64GB of internal memory, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and 2100mAh large capacity battery to support usage.
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Review Nokia Asha 306

Nokia’s strategy to win back users who focus on lower-middle segment should be appreciated. Through Asha series, Nokia offers the sensation smartphone with a relatively minimal funding. One such product is the Nokia Asha 306 which we review below.

Asha is Simple

The design is simple. Yes, Asha 306 looks so simple with 3-inch screen on the front along with the call and reject that doubles as the power button. At first glance, it does not appear as a smart phone. Frame on the sides of the screen which adds to the impression that, especially on a unit we got has a dark gray color (dark gray) on the top side and the rear casing. For information, Nokia also provide other colors such as silver white, red, and blue mid more cheerful.

But when viewed as a whole, the design Asha 306 includes pretty sweet. The form that has a unique angle and curvature firmly distanced Asha 306 of rigid impression. Audio and microUSB ports are available on the upper side, the volume buttons and a lock screen and alcove to open the back casing on the right side, and a microSD slot complete with plastic cover can be accessed on the left side. While in the back, 2MP camera and speaker line will support your multimedia needs.

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What is Moire Pattern?

In the context of photography, moire pattern occurs when an object in the photo has a detailed repeating pattern (lines, dots) that is beyond the resolution of a digital camera sensor. The result is a pattern emerging in the final picture looks odd extra eyes and unreal. Let more easily, see photo below:


See the strange pattern seen in clothes in the photo? yeah, like that’s the moire pattern. In real life, moire is almost never visible because our eyes are really top quality fast. But for the camera and lens are full of shortcomings, moire often arise. Be it hair, clothes, escalator and almost all objects with repetitive pattern detail and meeting complex has the potential emergence of moire in the photo.
In digital cameras, moire occurs because of the way light reaches the sensor and how to interpret the light sensor. There are some effective ways to reduce moire when shooting. The next post will discuss how to take to reduce moire. But if you already have a moire in the image, we can use Lightroom to reduce moire, although it can not be completely lost.
Congratulations acquainted with moire deh.

Samsung Unveils GALAXY S III Mini & GALAXY S III Alpha

After rumors and leaked pictures here and there on the Samsung GALAXY S III Mini, Samsung finally scheduled to officially announce the presence of the highest-grade smartphone South Korean vendors. It has dimensions 121.55x63x9.85mm, Mini apparently weighs 111.5g which is quite heavy.

Although “mini” but the screen is a 4 inch WVGA Super AMOLED manifold actually not exactly small. The resolution is also not HD, 800 × 480 pixels. In terms of processor, uses a 1GHz dual core seems quite “reasonable” for the S III quadcore yet many can not be optimized. Fortunately OS version 4.1 has been carried Jelly Bean.

On the side of the camera, the lens will be supported by a resolution of 5MP with LED flash and autofocus features. Meanwhile, on the front side VGA camera can be used for video chat. The internal memory can be selected, 8GB and 16GB available that can still be upgraded with a 32GB microSD. Continue reading “Samsung Unveils GALAXY S III Mini & GALAXY S III Alpha”

Review of Samsung GALAXY Ace 2

Ace vs. Ace 2
On paper, let us compare the two phones. Ace has a dimension of 112.4 × 59.9 × 11.5mm, while Ace 2 118.3 × 62.2 × 10.5mm. That means, Ace 2 design is longer, wider but thinner. Is this the influence of the wider screen also? Let’s see. Ace uses a 3.5-inch TFT screen resolution of 320 × 480 pixels, while Ace 2 has a 3.8 inch TFT screen PLS – yes, wider – a resolution of 400 × 800 pixels, which means it is also more dense and sharp. But unfortunately, the glass used on the display Ace 2 is not Corning Gorilla Glass as used in the Ace.

Although larger in design, weight carrying Ace 2 is lighter, which is 113 grams versus 122 grams belong to Ace. Go to the interface, if the Ace you will be accompanied by TouchWiz v3.0, then Ace 2 is using the newer UI, the TouchWiz v4.0. But again unfortunate, Ace 2 is the default OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Despite having the option to upgrade to 4.1 Jelly Bean though, likely Samsung does not provide an upgrade via OTA (Over The Air) aka you have to come to a Samsung Service Center closest to do it or use KIES.

Turning to the processor, the Ace is reinforced Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset powered with 800 MHz ARM 11 GPU Adreno 200, while his brother had used NovaThor U8500 chipset with a clock speed is still the same, 800MHz. Oops, do not be disappointed yet! Because even though the same speed, but proseso at Ace 2 has a dual-core, really. While embedded GPU Mali-400MP is. To support processor performance, the Ace 2 using 768MB RAM, three times greater than the Ace that only 278MB.

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