G’z One Type-L: Mobile Predictor Forecast

Casio Computer is now marketing the new product that is smart phone G’z One Type-L based on Android in Japan and have the ability to predict or foretell the weather (weather predictor).

G’z One Type-L: This weather Predictor Mobile 1.5 GHz processor and has the dimensions of the screen or LCD scree In-Plane Switching (IPS) four-inch and eight-megapixel integrated camera.

G’z One Type-L: Mobile Predictor weather reliable Casio is the level of resistance to water. Resilience G’z One Type-L: Mobile Predictor weather until it reaches a depth of 1.5 meters with a duration of 30 minutes. Besides, G’z One Type-L: Mobile Predictor weather also impervious to dust.

Water resistant smart phone G’z One Type-L: Mobile Predictor weather although its thickness up to 15.9 mm, equivalent to two times thicker than the iPhone 5. Continue reading “G’z One Type-L: Mobile Predictor Forecast”

Filter Close Up For Macro Photo


the photo above was taken with a 85mm f/1.8 lens + 500D close up filter
After the previous article we discussed how to use extension tube for macro photos, this time we will discuss about the use of close-up filter.

What Is a Filter Close Up?
A close-up filter (close-up lens), is basically a high quality magnifier mounted on the front of the lens, as well as other filters like CPL filter. By installing a filter close up, we can reduce the minimum focusing distance of the lens that we use. That way we can take pictures from a distance super close to the object image.
Close-up filter strength is measured by a parameter called diopter. The greater the number diopter, the greater the effect increase. Most have a close-up filter diopter strength +1, +2, +3 and +4, although there is also a close-up filter with a +10 diopter strength. The greater the number diopter enables us perilously close to the object image, with consequent reduction in optical quality.
We also may collect two close-up filter to enhance magnification, for example, when we stack filters close +1 and +2, then we will get a total of +3 diopter, although quality may decrease. Continue reading “Filter Close Up For Macro Photo”

Capsules Anti Doomsday

Doomsday is the destruction of the universe and the events according to the Bible there is no single creature on earth who can save themselves. No place is safe at the time. Buildings and even mountains moulder . The planets and celestial bodies other collide. Sea water is spilled and drown land , Doomsday really scary event.

However, the events that creepy doomsday for some people it is a profitable and behavior issues for sale. It is a war equipment store in the United States Navy which makes the issue of apocalypse as a means to bolster the dollar. The store sells anti doomsday capsule.

The shop is located in a town called Altamonte Springs, State of Florida, USA, Selling capsuleĀ  anti apocalypse is believed to provide protection during the apocalypse. Anti doomsday capsule is considered able to withstand all the awesomeness of the Day of Judgement. Even with the capsule anti apocalypse, residents could lavish as it is filled in with fancy equipment and provide comfort.

Anti Doomsday Capsule is made of metal. Created as more like the shape of a tube or a long and large pipe. Anti doomsday capsule three meters high and has a length of 9.8 meters. Continue reading “Capsules Anti Doomsday”

4 Tips Save Shopping

Shopping is a necessity for some people and some do it as a hobby. But one thing that sometimes do not realize that love to shop can cost a month. If you are in the habit of shopping then understand and frugal shopping tips is a right step. Do not let ignorance be frugal shopping tips to make you confused in the middle of the month.

For women, shopping is part of the hobby and lifestyle. And out of the mall to the mall the other is the trend of urban women. It does not matter whether he was alone or income could still ask the parents rations. Or even because it has experienced shopping madness (insanity expenditures) do not care if I have to (sorry) sell themselves to get money to go shopping. If it is so run-saving shopping tips is a must.

There are so many women who could no longer hold the brakes and their shopping appetite. Especially in the first week after receiving a salary. Passion pushed him to buy everything without taking into account and considering the budget and needs. Shopping is shopping, shopping is buying new stuff no matter needed or not. Whether in such conditions, they had noticed frugal shopping tips? Given the frugal shopping tips is something important then whatever the conditions, and whoever the person must keep the passion of shopping by considering a variety of ways and tips on frugal shopping. Continue reading “4 Tips Save Shopping”

Macro Lens Reverse Ring With Festive Offers

After the two previous article we discussed about using alternate lenses macro close up filters and extension tubes, this time we will discuss how to get a macro lens of your kit lens using a reverse ring.

It seems strange, but when we put a 50mm prime lens or a standard zoom lens kit (18-55mm or 17-50mm) in reverse disebuah camera (the lens attached to the front end of the camera body) to use additional tools called reverse ring, we’ll get a macro lens high quality at affordable prices. We could use other lenses, but the 50mm prime lens and a standard zoom lens kit seems to be a popular choice because it is relatively cheap.
Lens with a focal length longer than 50mm magnification effect (magnification) is too little, while the wide lens magnification effect is too much.
Since most of the DSLR camera owners already have a kit zoom lens or a 50mm prime lens, the macro lens method with a reverse ring has become a very attractive option. Simply by buying a small ring at very cheap prices, Macro Lens Reverse Ring With Festive Offers

After the two previous article we discussed about using alternate lenses macro close up filters and extension tubes, this time we will discuss how to get a macro lens of your kit lens using a reverse ring. Continue reading “Macro Lens Reverse Ring With Festive Offers”

4 Facts About Business Email and threat

In the easy-paced era, as now, many things can be done easily, quickly and on the go (mobile). One is the business. Yes, the business can be carried anywhere easily and quickly. Affairs of his correspondence can be done using email. The intensity of email usage today is very sharp increase with increasing gadget with email features like tablets and smartphones.

The logical consequence of the increasing use of tablets and smartphones for business is the email traffic is very dense. If the first person to use a computer from the office or at home for business, wherever they are now in business to do so as an email exchange very intense.

But one thing is worrying, intensity and density exchange data using business email like this, either using a PC, tablet or smartphone has fueled growth and development of spam and malware. Spam and malware are now a threat to business email .
Continue reading “4 Facts About Business Email and threat”

How to Setting Custom White Balance DSLR Camera

Sometimes when you are in a room that has a complex lighting or when you are outdoors, use auto white balance and setting the default white balance of the camera (Tungsten, fluorecent, Daylight, Cloudy, Flash and Shade) provides an inaccurate temperature light (to understand the concept white balance here). Well in this situation you can use a custom white balance (white balance presets in the camera manual Nikon), to ensure the accuracy of the white balance.

How do I make custom settings (presets) white balance correctly?, Follow these steps:
Prior to setting up, you need a white paper, a white shirt and a white wall, so look for the object. If the white stuff is not available, you can use the gray matter. Some camera bags have a part in the approaching gray gray card, and you can use it.
Place the paper or something white / gray so that by the light of the complex where you will be photographing. Position the front of the camera so that the paper fills the entire frame photos.
Set focus in manual focus position, then take a metering. Keep impartial exposure (not under but not over-exposure). Then photograph paper or object.
The next step, I get an example for the camera Canon 60D: Continue reading “How to Setting Custom White Balance DSLR Camera”

How to Cook Healthy Meat

Many people do not know about the healthy way to cook meat. So when cooking, things that more attention is the delicious taste and savory aroma . When in fact there are other things that should take into consideration the impact on health.

Eating meat would not only want to feel the delicacy and flavor tasty, but also want to get the nutrition and health. If anyone does not want because of the foods, including meat, then get the disease. Related to this is the later to know and understand how healthy cooking meat is a necessity.

It must be recognized that cooking meat goat, cow, buffalo or taste better when cooked by fire. Cook shaped kebabs and steak tasted more tantalizing tastes and desire to eat. The aroma of meat and spices may be more pronounced when cooked that way. However, did you know that cooking the meat that way incompatible with a healthy way to cook meat. The impact is not beneficial and healthy for your heart, especially if you are diabetic.
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Glue ‘Miraculous’ It Makes Women Appear More Full Chest & Sexy

Glue is commonly used to attach papers, reunite broken glass or repair the defective item. But this one had a glue different functions, which makes her chest look more sexy and full.

The product called Boob Glue, created by beauty expert Dawn Jackson, from California. Glue promising Boob breast cleavage effect is more sexy when women wear low-cut chest. How?

Simply by applying a form of product packaging glue sticks in this roll around the chest. And wearing bra and pressed by sticking to the desired position. Users can get the effect as wearing a push-up bra though just use a regular bra.

This product is recommended for both women with natural breasts and implants. On its website, Dawn calls this product as a ‘boob job in a bottle’. The women are now no need to wear a bra with padding on the bottom (push-up bra) because the glue can also ‘lift’ and make the chest look tight.

Previously, Dawn also created several products to accentuate the beauty of a woman’s breasts. One of these electrical tape that is claimed to eliminate the appearance of breast sagging.

“Like most women, I have a few complaints with the shape of the breast. This has been a passion of its own, to create a product that can make a woman feel and look amazing,” Dawn wrote on its website, reports the Daily Mail.

Boob Glue will be launched next April. However, currently only available in the UK and the price is yet to be released.

Previously, a similar product has also been launched, namely from Rodial Boob Job gel. This product is claimed to be able to make a larger breast size up to 1/2 cup.

Women 30 Years, Should Quit Smoking

Your 30-year-old woman and a smoker? If yes then it is advisable to stop smoking. Prompts quit this, please do not understood as specifically recommended for women 30 years. Whoever you are, you should really stop smoking. Because the fact is, smoking is not only hurt yourself but also those around him.

Smoking is a habit of mankind since ancient times. Smoking is a part of the lifestyle and social symbols. Even now, many young women who smoke, including children. Smoking, although many give danger, but many people have not tried to stop it.

Smoking cessation efforts made by the people of Indonesia are supported by institutions and community organizations. No less have forbidden smoking. Despite this prohibition raises the pros and cons.

Effects Stop Smoking Women 30 Years Continue reading “Women 30 Years, Should Quit Smoking”