What is Moire Pattern?

In the context of photography, moire pattern occurs when an object in the photo has a detailed repeating pattern (lines, dots) that is beyond the resolution of a digital camera sensor. The result is a pattern emerging in the final picture looks odd extra eyes and unreal. Let more easily, see photo below:


See the strange pattern seen in clothes in the photo? yeah, like that’s the moire pattern. In real life, moire is almost never visible because our eyes are really top quality fast. But for the camera and lens are full of shortcomings, moire often arise. Be it hair, clothes, escalator and almost all objects with repetitive pattern detail and meeting complex has the potential emergence of moire in the photo.
In digital cameras, moire occurs because of the way light reaches the sensor and how to interpret the light sensor. There are some effective ways to reduce moire when shooting. The next post will discuss how to take to reduce moire. But if you already have a moire in the image, we can use Lightroom to reduce moire, although it can not be completely lost.
Congratulations acquainted with moire deh.