Use Creativity To Decorate Apartment

Its strategic location, making the apartments a lot of interest as an alternative to urban dwelling. However, limited land is often difficult for us in decorating the apartment look overall.

To overcome these problems, we can try some simple tricks that helped test the creativity in re-decorating a room apartment without spending much money. What is it? Consider his ideas, as quoted from boldsky, following,

Play curtains

One function is as a blocker curtains so that activity in the room does not look or simply limiting. Other functions to reduce the entry of sunlight into the room. If your apartment is bright and full of sunshine, choose bright colored curtains such as blue and orange. Or gray color combined with warm colors like brown, black and white as a variation, to view apartments that seem quiet and elegant.

Fill with a small couch

In the bedroom, you certainly have a bed. But what about the living room or hall. You can fill up with a set of small sofa or chair plain suitable for small living room, but still trendy impression.


Do not let the bed is empty. Put some cushions with colorful patterns to decorate your bed room. Colorful cushions is often used as a decorative pillow also known as cushion. Pillow or cushion can also be used as an addition to the attractiveness of a room

Carpet mats

You can put a soft carpet mats in the living room near the television to sit back. Carpet mats can make a living room look more cool.

Laptop desk

Most working professionals or students who live in apartments have a laptop and a few books or novels. Why not buy a small table to save it. Use a small corner in the living room and use floor lamps to decorate the table.

Hopefully some simple ideas above can help you in decorating the apartment.

Good luck!