Toy train with Intelligence

For the little guy, not just a toy objects for fun, but also to train toys wit his brain. Choosing toys do not have to be expensive, but it is important to help the growth and development of your child’s brain to be optimal. For that, choose toys that are safe and beneficial for him.

How to choose toys that are safe and beneficial for toddlers? The most important thing in choosing a toy for toddlers is to stimulate all the senses. The more senses are used, then the child’s brain cells will grow at a rapid growth, both in terms of quantity and quality.

The first to be considered for a parent, you should introduce toys that can be seen first. For example, buy toys that can be hung above the bed of the small box. Align the direction of the toy with your child’s eyes. Thus, it can be noticed as well.

Introduce Voice
Furthermore, you can move on to the next stage of introducing the sound to your baby. Does it sound different animal, vehicle sound, the sound of water and the other that can invite the attention of children under three years old. Because by listening to various sounds will stimulate hearing your child to remember the different types of sounds and shows where the sound was removed, so your baby will understand the various types of sounds.

The object Recommend Direct
Along with the provision of child toys, you should also introduce what and who is considered the little guy. Remember do not underestimate the little guy because his brain is growing it is able to record anything. To that end, your baby should be given a useful introduction-introduction. You should bring the child to the outside world.

Do Toys
As a tool for playing, the selection of toys and play materials is crucial for optimal benefits for your child’s brain growth. Provide toys that can give pleasure as well as the benefits of learning to play the little guy. However, does not mean you also have to fill your child with educational toys that are too much. Because the toy is just one contributing factor to optimize brain development in children. Do not forget to also introduce to the child such as shape, color, texture, and size.