Tips on Photographing HDR


Here are some quick tips photographing High Dynamics Range (HDR), HDR photo that you produce will be better:
Use the bracketing feature available on your digital SLR camera. By using the bracketing feature, the camera will automatically lower the ascending-exposure value (stop) very quickly, much more comfortable than we have busy hands rotating the dial.
Take 3.5 or 7 shots. Most photos in normal conditions resulting HDR of 5 photos with different exposure values and then combined. If you deal with the object images with different brightness are too flashy, take 7 exposures at once so the results even better
Do not vary the aperture value in a series of photo shoot for an object. Set the exposure mode on the position of Aperture Priority (A or Av) to ensure the sharpness of the final HDR photo. If you vary the aperture value, the camera’s focus will also change, so the area becomes inconsistent sharp photo
Use matrix metering or evaluative metering where the camera will measure all the elements in the object image before determining what amount of exposure needed
Use a tripod to ensure the end result is not blurry photo. By using a tripod, our pictures will be sharper due to consistent shots from a catapult to the next. If you have a shutter release, use as well.
If possible, use the RAW format when shooting HDR.