There Suicide Risk From Within Content

The tendency of a person to commit suicide, is determined also from someone still in the womb. Babies born with low weight, will be twice as likely to commit suicide. Risk is also increased in babies and babies born to short mothers who are still young. This suggests the existence of genetic factors that come into play.

Research conducted on 700,000 adults in Sweden, who were born between the years 1973 to 1980. They researched and seen how likely they are to commit suicide or attempted suicide by the time they are 10-26 years old.

Babies who are born weighing 2 kg or less double the risk of suicide compared with babies born weighing 3.25 to 3.75 kg. Babies are born with a body length of 47 cm or less, the risk of suicide significantly compared with babies with a body length of 50-51 cm. Suicide risk is also increased in infants born to mothers who did not graduate high school or at least have 3 other children.

One of the factors that lead to body length and low birth weight that is because the mother is using alcohol and illegal drugs. State of the child will also have the mental and emotional fragility.

Teenage mothers, also have poor emotional state, and is often followed by poor nutrition, abuse, and psychiatric disorders. This can affect the child’s genetic condition that makes an individual become more aggressive, impulsive and more vulnerable.

So the factors that make a person have a tendency to commit suicide, such as genetic factors, the state before he was born and also from environmental factors. It all came into play.