The Good Snacks For Kids

Provide snacks for your child is important because a snack is a snack child. However, as a parent you will certainly pay attention to your child’s nutritional intake by choosing healthy snacks and nutritious food for your baby.

Currently a lot of snacks for babies is available in a variety of different kinds of flavors and colors. But not all of these healthy snacks to eat your baby. Therefore, to choose a fit and healthy snacks for your child, here are some tips on how to choose a good snack for the kids.

· Nutrient content
When you want to buy a snack for your child, pay attention to the nutrients contained in these snacks. Choice of foods that contain high levels of nutrients necessary for the development of your child.

However, you should strive to choose snacks that do not contain preservatives or dyes.

· Note the number of calories
When you choose a snack, watch the number of calories in snacks. Choose snacks that do not exceed the amount of calories from staple food baby. Excess calories in the food consumed will be stored as fat which can cause obesity

· Protein Snacks
Good snacks are foods that contain protein and other building substances such as bread mix meat balls – balls of meat, steamed chicken cut – cut, or lightly processed knows tempeh.

· Snacks can be a source of power
Often very difficult for the child to eat the food. In fact, food is a source of power for the little guy. Therefore, you should choose snacks that can be the source of power for such a small boiled potatoes, bread, seral, noodles, and cassava

· Healthy Snacks
The best snacks for your child is healthy snacks such as vegetables and natural – vegetables and fruit – fruit. Vegetables and fruits can meet the needs of vitamins and minerals needed by the child.

For babies, you can boil or steam the pieces of fruit and vegetables are so soft

· Snacks steamed
Steamed snacks make for a baby is much better than giving a fried snack or in the oven. The food in the oven and fried to contain carcinogens that are not good for the baby’s health.

· Avoid snacks air-MSG
MSG is a substance used in food – this time for a sense amplifier. This substance has an unfavorable effect on health. If your child frequently consumed foods with flavor enhancer, it will make your child does not like vegetables and just want to eat foods with added MSG.

· Avoid snacks with artificial sweeteners
When choosing snacks for your child, do not choose foods that contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are not good for the baby’s health because it can affect your baby’s digestive system.