Swimming Pool Cause Diarrhea

Public swimming pools are much in demand they are fond of swimming it can cause disease. Oversight bodies and prevention of diseases in the United States (CDC) has closed more than 1,800 public pools because of the discovery that could bring danger to swimmers as the problem of inadequate disinfectant to kill germs in the water pool.

Of two cases of diarrhea were found in 1986, a big increase to the outbreak in the 1990s with as many as 16,800 cases were associated with a pool and spa. And believed, in fact there are many more cases go unreported.

Of inspections carried out on 22 131 pool CDC, found that 54% pool problem, from the problem filtering (filtration) to the problem of chlorine, which is used as a disinfectant for swimming pool water. The pools were not cleaned properly, can be a source of transmission of the disease, which attacks the digestive tract.

Prevention can be done by keeping the swimming pool, which made ​​the guards pond, also needed the help of the pool users not to swim at the time suffering from diarrhea. Such outbreaks in the state of Georgia, USA, where 26 children suffering from illness due to bacteria E. Coli derived from faeces of patients.

Swim which aims to maintain health, the opposite may be the cause of the disease, when the cleanliness of the pool is not maintained. And what about the pool in Indonesia? Until now there has been no examination of the existing public pool.