Smart technology takes control Away From new drivers

Parents will soon be able to charge on how to take their cars children. A device that is used when installed in a vehicle to assist parents, the limits of the vehicle speed and the habits of the driver set. This is a step in the right direction for road safety? Road safety groups have considered proposals to improve the safety of young drivers. You are responsible for many accidents every year, half of which can cause serious injury or death. The device consists of a master key, which is held by parents and sets limits for the vehicle, while the ignition key is given to the driver. The feeling of freedom that has been won once by starting the trip lost, but safety must be a priority. The machine has many functions used action scene and vehicle performance. Sound warnings when the driver when the vehicle reaches a certain speed limited to a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour. As it is a tachometer ahead of the driver, the audible alarms are not really necessary and could be a distraction. A noise is heard every time a car reaches a certain speed, if the acceleration or deceleration are quickly ignored by the driver and irritation can be caused by noise influence behavior and actually create danger on Nottingham Road. Over time, the driving test has been adopted should develop a sense of speed in the driver, and a lot of decision making and planning skills to have valid driving. There is no real logic to cap the top speed of a car at 80 miles per hour, if that. Full 10 miles per hour in excess of the legal limit The car can be driven too fast for any situation, so there is no real benefit of safety when recovery vehicle performance. Another function of the device, in order to limit the volume of the radio, the seat belt is not fastened. This could be seen by teachers as a means rather immature to cope with a new driver. Presumably the seat belt before driving distractions would be if the minor radio be fixed. Car always turn to avoid a shock volume conductor with a sudden and unexpected volume. If the radio is too loud, then just turn before driving would be the solution. Attaching the belt on the car should be second nature when a driver has to qualify, the value of this function in terms of road safety will be minimal. Monitoring or other black boxes, as they are known to increase a more common mounting in vehicles with the expected number of three quarters of a million next year. Insurers offer lower insurance premiums for those who are capable of monitoring devices to their cars voluntarily. Surely more emphasis on driver training and training with emphasis on personal responsibility in driver training better than trying to control human behavior through technology.