Photo Tips: Backlit Portrait With Solar Light

Backlit portraits have appeal visually different because sunlight falling the hair gives a different dimension. This time we will try to make a photo portrait lighting backlit with sunlight. See photo below:

How do I make it, follow these steps:
First position the subject of the photo so that the sun is behind them with no direct sunlight falls to the face. Then change the metering mode the camera with spot metering. Navigate the focal point to the face model. By doing this, we basically ordered the camera, “he camera, the face is the most important part, make sure the exposure was good!”
When we take pictures, a face that had turned dark because the sun will be brighter, while the background becomes far brighter. In this case, a very bright background is not an issue because there is no sun there.
If we shoot with aperture priority and we think the overall picture is too bright, use exposure compensation (exposure compensation). Exposure compensation forcing the camera to increase or decrease the value of the exposure value according to the most appropriate camera metering system.
How do I compensate for the exposure to darken the picture? in Canon DSLR cameras simply turn the quick control dial behind while looking at the top of the LCD panel, turn to the left to darken or turn to right to make it brighter. In Nikon DSLR, press the exposure compensation (+ / -) at the top, and turn the command dial on the back, see the value in the LCD panel. Or if you want to play it safe, use expsosure bracketing.