Malnutrition in Children which cause the behavior

Poor nutrition as a child will bring bad effects on one’s physical health. But it was not only his physical problems, but also will cause the child to have behavior problems when he was a teenager.

Similarly, as seen from a study of approximately 1,600 children in the islands of Mauritius, who suffered malnutrition, lack of protein, minerals zinc, iron and vitamin B, when they are 3 years of age. And after the age of 8, 11 and 17 years, they tend to have behavior problems are manifold.

These children tend to behave badly in school, fighting, breaking school rules and other behavioral problems as they grow older. They generally have a level of intelligence (IQ) lower, which is a sign of a deficit (shortage) of neuro-cognitive brain due to malnutrition, and this may be the cause of the problem behavior.

Other factors such as family background is poor, bad home and parental education levels are low, does not seem to relate to their behavior problems.

Age of three years, is a critical age for the development of a person’s brain. With poor nutrition at the time, may cause a number of brain function that can cause a child to become aggressive and hyperactive in the future.