LG Optimus L9: The Smart with My Style Keypad & QTranslator

LG announced the Optimus L9, which is the successor to the Optimus series L3, L5 and L7, as well as the most advanced series between these brothers.

In addition to the beautiful and elegantly dressed, L9 Optimus also has a brain for quite capable performance. Dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1GHz accompanied by 1GB of RAM, 1GB of internal memory and Android OS ICS version 4.0, can be maximized by 4.7 inches IPS screen that has been personalized with the UX interface. However, 5MP camera may not seem special to a smartphone today.

However, LG has invested two latest features on the Optimus L9 My Style Keyboard and QTranslator. My Style Keyboard is a redesigned keyboard and allows you to adjust the placement of the buttons for easy use with one hand typing.

While QTranslator is a software translator that uses OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) to translate sentences and paragraphs from 44 different languages ​​into 64 languages ​​native.

LG Optimus L9 has a dimension of 131.9 × 68.2 × 9.1mm and weighs 125g are comfortable in the hand or shirt pocket. Stock 2150mAh battery capacity is enough to supply power to the Optimus L9 day. However, no further information about pricing and availability globally.