If the Little Thin …

Do not immediately worry if your child has a skinny body. Do not immediately sentenced he was not healthy. Check how much he eats and what he eats can be a first step that can immediately do.

Many have questioned why the child’s mother still skinny but eat a lot. Of course there are concerns, your child is not healthy so it does not grow optimally. Is the food consumed already have adequate nutrients for the body?

In order for your child to grow optimally, the body needs to be healthy. Therefore, he needs to eat a healthy diet anyway. For toddlers, a healthy diet means foods that contain the nutrients required by the body in sufficient quantities and balanced. Useful for maintaining health as well as supporting its growth rate. For every meal portions, carbs required approximately 50 to 60%, 25 to 35% fat, and 15 to 20% protein. Vitamins and minerals are needed in small amounts, but should remain there. Overall, the caloric needs of toddlers aged 1 to 3 years of about 1300 kcal / day, while toddlers aged 4 to 5 years requires about 1500 kcal / day.

If children often eat snacks or snacks are low in nutrients, then the body will lack even have an imbalance of substances. And the child can not be said to be healthy. This can result in the child being underweight, stunted growth, and cause health problems. Also avoid excessive fat in your child because your child will actually be overweight.

Ideally, weight and height of your child should grow every month. If there is any deviation, the cause must be sought and promptly treated. Usually occurs because:

Poor diet, resulting in weight and height which is not according to age.
Height exceeds the size of the ideal child her age, while her weight is ideal. Although the child has a skinny body, but actually have a healthy body.
Your child has excessive activity. It also pays to balance nutrient intake with energy expended in daily child.
Sick child. Tuberculosis, indigestion and absorption of food, or a thyroid disorder.
Genetic factors. If you as parents are thin (which is usually caused by certain enumerated body composition such as bone, muscle, and fat), then your child also has a tendency skinny compared children his age.
Associated with the metabolic rate of the body in small. Which means the amount of energy that the body needs a person in a state of activism or break. The higher a person’s metabolism, the more calories you burn when the person is resting. Therefore, people like this are not going to look fat, even though the meal portions together with others who have a low metabolism.
Try to regularly check their child to the doctor. In addition to monitoring the health conditions and provide immunizations, doctors also make remarks about her height and weight. Even for children under 3 years old, his head circumference were also measured. The measurement results in the plot on the child’s growth curve can be seen from your child’s health remarks.