How to Setting Custom White Balance DSLR Camera

Sometimes when you are in a room that has a complex lighting or when you are outdoors, use auto white balance and setting the default white balance of the camera (Tungsten, fluorecent, Daylight, Cloudy, Flash and Shade) provides an inaccurate temperature light (to understand the concept white balance here). Well in this situation you can use a custom white balance (white balance presets in the camera manual Nikon), to ensure the accuracy of the white balance.

How do I make custom settings (presets) white balance correctly?, Follow these steps:
Prior to setting up, you need a white paper, a white shirt and a white wall, so look for the object. If the white stuff is not available, you can use the gray matter. Some camera bags have a part in the approaching gray gray card, and you can use it.
Place the paper or something white / gray so that by the light of the complex where you will be photographing. Position the front of the camera so that the paper fills the entire frame photos.
Set focus in manual focus position, then take a metering. Keep impartial exposure (not under but not over-exposure). Then photograph paper or object.
The next step, I get an example for the camera Canon 60D:

Press the Menu button, use the Main Dial to get to the second tab Shooting Menu. Use the Quick Control Dial to scroll down to the position of Custom White Balance, and then press the Set button.
Use the Quick Control Dial and scroll to the photo you just took. Press the Set button and select OK.
For Nikon cameras, I bring you an example of Nikon 3100D. The steps:
Select the Preset Manual White Balance menu.
Select the Use Photo
It would appear that you have a recent photo taken above, select the Select Image
Press OK to use the photo.