How to Increase Sperm Count?

If you want to improve your chances of having children or just want to ejaculate with a high level of sperm, then you have a healthy reproductive system in order to obtain the amount of sperm that much.

Keep in mind, semen and sperm that will cause a lot longer orgasm, including increased sexual appetite. Here are some ways you can do to improve or increase the sperm count:

Quitting smoking
Besides causing an unpleasant breath odor, smoking habits that can affect sperm count. A study showed that the smokers had sperm counts less than those who do not smoke.

Avoid wearing pants that are too tight
This is the reason why the testicles depending on body location. Testicles need cooler temperatures than other body parts. Therefore, wearing underwear or pants that are too tight will cause the surrounding temperature gets hot and affect sperm production.
Proper diet
Diet known to affect the production of sperm. Try to eat foods with a low fat content, high protein, vegetables, fruits, and various types of grains are good for health.

Reduce intercourse and masturbation
Men often complain that semen or sperm which turned out a little and dilute. Keep in mind, the more ejaculate, the sperm will decrease the viscosity. If you have intercourse every day or frequent masturbation, then it will affect the number of sperm and semen viscosity.

Avoid consumption of alcohol
Alcohol is known to affect the function of the liver which can eventually lead to increased levels of estrogen. High estrogen levels in the body will affect the production of sperm.
Muscle Sports
Although exercise can not directly increase the production of sperm and semen, but muscle exercise can help you to be healthier and fitter.

Consumption of natural supplements
Natural supplements are believed to increase sperm production. Examples of L-carnitine, which is found in red meat and dairy, a natural amino acid that can improve sperm production and speed. In addition, folic acid in combination with zinc can improve sperm production. L-arginine compounds contained in nuts, eggs, and meat also has the same efficacy as vitamin E and selenium to improve the speed and concentration of sperm.