Habits That Can Trigger Creativity

Later, creativity is needed in many areas undergoing work. Unfortunately, for most people, generate ideas or creativity not appear suddenly, but can also be imposed.

Still, at least there are some habits that you can do to lead to creativity, as reported allwomenstalk, below.

Often read

Reading will introduce you to the new characters and the imagination and get creative inspiration from the book. New book with a new inspirational story will take you to know a new place.

Listening to music

If you want to help your creativity mood, then listen to the music. Through music, one can develop cognitive intelligence .

Concern about

You will be covered personal and less creative if it does not care about the environment. Though the neighborhood as beautiful scenery which basically can be a source of inspiration.

Take a trip

Sights, sounds and scents can inspire kreativitas.Saat traveling, spend some time talking to the locals and record everything done during the trip.

Dress up

Spend extra time prior to the office for my hair and apply makeup. The more you believe in yourself, the more you feel the creative ideas flowing throughout the body.


Exercising will trigger adrenaline. This habit will also spark creativity, make yourself relax and forget your problems.


Frequently consuming tea is believed to make you relax, so it automatically creative ideas are emerging.

Tidied desk

If the room is messy work, it will turn your attention to focus on ideas that are inspiring.

Getting constructive criticism

Friends and colleagues are believed to give feedback of what you are doing is called constructive criticism. Constructive criticism that could be a source of new ideas.

Trying new things

New experiences mean new sources of inspiration for your creativity. Regardless of whether you like it or not, learn the new tantamount to add creativity.

Have a good time

Scribbling something silly to laugh or watch a funny movie is a creative habit as well as fun. Because you are in a good mood to be more creative.

Good luck!