Guessing Emotions One Of His body language

Some opinions say that we have really noticed a change in the face in order to know, or at least guess what emotion a person is feeling. Eyebrows were raised, eyes dilated, or certain movements of the mouth, are a few things that could be one of the clues to guess the feelings of one individual.

Opinions just is in fact true, because the movements of the face are often caused by the emotional changes in a small scale. But when it comes to the emotional changes in a large scale, you are no longer able to guess or read someone’s feelings just face it.

A study has recently been released in the journal Science, suggests that large-scale changes in emotion cannot only be seen from the change in the face. We should also pay more attention to the body language of a person to be able to see the emotions he felt. These conclusions were derived from a study carried out by researchers from Princeton, New York University, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In his research, a team of experts put together some volunteer who asked to see a photo of a person shows extreme emotions, both positive and negative emotions. In the collection of photos, a team of experts also include some expression of tennis athletes who recently won and lost important points in a game, a person who is undergoing a piercing on the nipples, and some of the face of someone who is orgasm.

But in some occasions, the researchers only show part of the picture in the photo. They only show part of a person’s face and on another occasion, only part of the body of the object image. The result is quite surprising, as some of the participants could hardly distinguish which expression indicating pain in the nipple piercing and a sense of satisfaction because of the new won Wimbledon.

“The study participants did not know the difference between positive and negative expressions, if only based on the emotions that appear on the face,” said Hillel Aviezer, one of the researchers from the Hebrew University, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time. “Furthermore, the participants were able to distinguish between positive and negative emotions, after they compared the complete photo (pictures of faces and their bodies) and the photo only shows a face.”

Through this discovery, the researchers came to the conclusion that the face is not the only “tool” to show emotions, but body language play a role in describing an emotion that someone is feeling. Aviezer even say these findings may help us to guess the emotions experienced .

“We will not be able to guess the emotion of someone with autism or people with other neuropsychiatric disorders, just from the movement of the face, as they have limited expression.” Said Aviezer. “Until now, we are constantly led only to recognize facial expressions. However, this discovery proves that we should be able to look more broadly. We must be able to recognize a person’s overall look. These findings can be applied in the world of health. “