Giving Meaning Positive Current status “Single”

Many people who say if a single is the end of the world. Yet the status of their friends who have been paired, the more make them feel alienated with the status of “singles” is.

This is the single biggest mistake, because ultimately make the “waiting” has become a very heavy burden. In fact, if we are able to look in the mirror further period of solitude then this is the best time to be more productive. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy our solitude:

Explores Potential

Loneliness us in the “singles” makes us have more time to get to know us as well as to be able to further develop talent and potential that we have. Fill in your activities with positive things and the courage to try new things, but still in the right corridor. This will help us to drive away the loneliness of the single that is usually perceived.

Practicing Self

Human beings are social creatures, but humans are also required to be able to be independent. Both women and men have different roles, women and men are called auxiliary leaders.

Both are going to be complementary, however, they also must be able to be independent so as not to burden others. Periods of themselves is what will be the best time for us to train the independence of each other.

Dare Yourself

Many people think that having a boyfriend will make us far from feeling lonely especially when night of the week. When in fact many people who already have a partner was still feeling lonely.

Rather than force to find a girlfriend to accompany us Saturday night, try to enjoy the night of the week itself. Activities such as watching a movie, dinner or roads remain attractive even if we do it alone.

What matters is how we change the way we think about the single status. We can also invite friends and family to go with, it is also not less interesting by going with a girlfriend.

Hopefully Useful