Food Interludes For Toddlers?

Snack for toddler age children need foods that contain the nutrients required by the body in accordance with the developmental age. Balanced diet at this age need to be implemented as it will affect the quality of life if they were grown.

Food nutrition greatly affects the growth of the body and brain cells so that they can grow optimally and intelligently. Therefore, the balance of nutrients in the diet need to be considered since I was a fetus in the womb through the food consumed by pregnant women. Keep in mind, the brain cells have the fastest rate of growth until the age of 3 to 4 years.

Toddler feeding should be varied, using food that has been introduced since the baby is six months old, and developed with appropriate food family meal. Formation is necessary to apply appropriate diet diet family. In addition, the role of parents is also needed to establish healthy eating behaviors. A mother should know and apply a balanced diet and healthy in the family because the child will imitate eating behaviors of parents and the people around him in the family.

Snack no less importance to be given to the hours between meals anyway. Snack can help the child if the meal portions are not enough or because the child is fussy eaters. However, excessive feeding interlude was not good because it will interfere with his appetite.

Snack should contain a complete nutrient that is a source of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Functions snack for toddlers, among others, namely:

Introducing various types of food contained in the snack
Complement of nutrients that may be lacking in its main food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
Fill the shortage of calories due to the many activities of children at the age of five
Snack should make your own at home so it is hygienic than if you had purchased outside the home. When mothers are forced to buy, you should choose a clean place and choose foods that will complete nutrition, not dominated by carbohydrates or sugar. If since childhood, kids love to eat sugar, then the behavior will be taken until they mature and eventually give rise to the risk of obesity. Obesity is a risk factor causes a particular disease at a relatively young age.