Filter Close Up For Macro Photo


the photo above was taken with a 85mm f/1.8 lens + 500D close up filter
After the previous article we discussed how to use extension tube for macro photos, this time we will discuss about the use of close-up filter.

What Is a Filter Close Up?
A close-up filter (close-up lens), is basically a high quality magnifier mounted on the front of the lens, as well as other filters like CPL filter. By installing a filter close up, we can reduce the minimum focusing distance of the lens that we use. That way we can take pictures from a distance super close to the object image.
Close-up filter strength is measured by a parameter called diopter. The greater the number diopter, the greater the effect increase. Most have a close-up filter diopter strength +1, +2, +3 and +4, although there is also a close-up filter with a +10 diopter strength. The greater the number diopter enables us perilously close to the object image, with consequent reduction in optical quality.
We also may collect two close-up filter to enhance magnification, for example, when we stack filters close +1 and +2, then we will get a total of +3 diopter, although quality may decrease.

Type Filter Close Up
There are two types of filters close up:
1. Filter Close Up Single Element
Most of the close-up filter into this category. Close up filter type is also available at most camera stores. Cheaper but with the consequence of lower optical quality. This single element filters usually have defects such as chromatic aberration and the area on the outskirts of the images look sharp no (soft). In general, the quality is far behind when you use extension tube.
2. Double Close Filter Element
It has a dual element, type of filter is able to minimize chromatic aberration by using the second element. This type of filter is more expensive than a single element, and more rarely on the market. Canon produces double element close up filter: 250D (+4 diopter) and 500D (+2 diopter) and we can put it on any lens brand origin size fitting. Other brands are available such as Kenko.
Close-up lens can be used with lenses Whatever, you have to remember is the sizeĀ  must match. The safest way is to buy the largest filter size (eg 72mm) and if you have a lens with a 58mm diameter, for example, live buy additional step-down ring from 72 to 58mm. Close up filter can also be mounted on a telephoto lens and a zoom lens, the longer focal length lens, the greater the level increase filter fitted as close up.
You also do not expect the quality of the optical filter is able to match the macro lens is designed for macro shooting. But the price is much cheaper than having to buy a macro lens, you can buy a filter close-up to a large measure whether your interests and practice shooting macro photographing macro (alternatively: buy extension tube). If it’s discovered that photographing macro is “soul calling” you, buy a macro lens.