Fengshui for Beautify the Bathroom

Bathrooms to be one important element in a home. However, its function as a place of cleansing and disposal or release of energy flow, making the bathroom has a lot of energy Yin is dead, dark and quiet. Therefore, decorate your bathroom it is necessary to maximize the release of energy or negative feelings in the body. So the body is also more fresh and fit.

How? Check out some tips to decorate a bathroom in accordance Fengshui, as quoted from boldsky, following,


The mirror is a positive breath for fengshui showers as it accelerates the flow of energy. Place a mirror on the bathroom wall so you can see yourself while feeling the flow of positive energy that flows smoothly into the body.

Balance the elements

To get the right feng shui bathroom, you need to balance the elements of air, water and earth. One of them, save the flower pots in your bathroom and plant in it.

Light through window

Open the window whenever you are not there in the bathroom. It will not only fill the bathroom with the light but also dispel any odors exist. Light a candle all night, if you want.

crystal ball

A crystal ball is a very important ingredient to keep your home feng shui in the right balance. It drove all the negative energy. Hanging crystal ball on the bathroom ceiling for feng shui optimal benefits.

always cleaned

You should always maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom if you want the right feng shui for your home. The bathrooms were clean add positive energy body, and keep you from all sorts of diseases that lurk.

Good luck and hopefully useful!