Elements of Composition in Photography: Patterns

What Sih Pattern / Pattern That?
Pattern / pattern can be easily interpreted as looping. Repetition here could be a looping shapes, lines, colors, objects or any object, and recurrence may be in the form of regular or slightly irregular. A keen photographer who would be able to take advantage of this loop in a photograph, so the results are not only beautiful but also has a strong appeal to the eye of the beholder.
Where Can Find a Good Pattern For Photographed?

Patterns are everywhere, whether artificial or nature: in a banana leaf, onion you cut, in the conch shell, tiger skin, in the rice field, in tall buildings, in the arrangement of paving blocks, even at home-even you can find the pattern of the ceiling and floor. Good or not a pattern to be photographed is very subjective to be ascertained, as well as other elements of composition: the eye, the level of creativity and hours of flying you decide. It could be a pattern that looks great when photographed from above would look good when photographed from the side. It could be a pattern emerging in rose petals look flat when you use a standard lens will be very dramatic when you take a picture with a macro lens.
The key is to always open your eyes to “detect” patterns that emerge from wherever you are. If an agent always on the alert to detect enemies in disguise, make sure your eyes are always on the lookout observing the patterns may also disguised

Maximizing Pattern In Composition
When you find an interesting pattern, there are two key things you can do to make this to look more dramatic in the photos:

Angle Shooting
Shooting angle plays an important role when you are shooting a pattern, it could be a rose petal that looks flat when you take a picture of the side can look very good when you take a picture from above, for example. Play games with multiple shooting angles until you find the best.
Type Lens / Distance Shooting
The pattern that appears when you slice the onion will certainly look very ordinary when you take a picture from a little distance, but when you use a macro lens (or macro mode), and a photograph of a very close distance, all being looked better.
Fill the Frame With Pattern
Yes, there’s no other way to dramatize the pattern in addition to fulfilling the entire frame with it. By meeting the entire frame with a pattern, no other elements that interfere with eyes that see our pictures, so the pattern look more powerful and dramatic.
Well, experiment and be creative!