Divide the time in the Maya World and the Real World

We certainly have often heard and seen, how the world of technology growing so fast. Almost every aspect of life, we can feel its interference range of tech gadgets which in turn influences life. The presence of technology in the world of work, education and play, is one of the facts that we have experienced a shift in culture.

We would often see how many restaurants, cafes and other eating places in different places, have relied on technology. Computerized financial system that is already widely used by various companies, but using an Apple iPad as an order taker? Sounded as a novelty, but you will soon see it in almost all the great eateries.

With the growing pervasiveness of technology, we as human beings must eventually balance themselves so as not to fall into the virtual world and in the end make us disappear in the physical world. Parents often provide restrictions or even a ban on playing video games for their children. They would rather see the baby playing outdoors and physical activity.

If we see more detail again, in fact there is nothing wrong with it just now. Technology is one thing that must evolve, as closely related to the development of human civilization. One problem that became quite crucial is how we can maintain balance while interacting in the virtual world and the real world. Sounds trivial, but it has become an issue that is so important in our lives today.

There are various kinds of evidence that reveals how dangerous the world of technology for those who do not know how to treat a technological advancement. Some of you would ever feel upset when you’re trying to talk to someone, but you feel ignored, because the person you are talking to prefer to play with his gadgets or talking on messenger facility that is in his smartphone.

Unfortunately, the above being one of the events that are considered reasonable in the current era. In a meeting or important meetings, there is a social agreement that allows us to cut the conversation, the topic is as important as anything else, and turn our attention to the important messages on the smartphone.

The above facts may sound irreverent, although it has been entered into the limits of reasonableness. Then, by reducing contention irreverent, has quite a lot of people are starting to get used to do multitasking job. Currently, it has a lot of employees who can work with two or more computer screens, which display two or more jobs directly. Sounds crazy, but the way it is.

The current era is the era of technology. Developments so quickly, of course, makes us were also benefited. Apple, Microsoft, and Google, will constantly create gadgets that filled by the latest innovations. We can not stop the process of evolution in the technology world. But we must remain aware that we as social human beings, more needed in the real world, rather than in cyberspace.