Composition Tips Color In Photos

Unless our pictures are all black and white, color is one of the important components in an image. Due played a crucial role, we should also understand some of the effect of color on the composition of the overall picture.

Visually, each color has a meaning and a message that stimulates people to see. Even the color of the red-white flag has its own meaning and message, is not it?
In this article we will understand the eating of primary colors and secondary (because I also do not really know about color theory, I extracted from some color theory books) and how to apply them in the composition of your photos.

Primary Colors: Red-Blue-Yellow
There are three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Called primary colors because all three elements of this color is not obtained from the mixing of other colors. Mixing two primary colors produces a secondary color.
Red is known to have the meaning of passion and strength, the color of love. Red color stimulates and its exciting but also firm. The red light is a marker when we brake the vehicle, a red light means stop.
Of all the colors, the blue color that gives the greatest contrast to red because blue gives absorbing properties. Is a vast expanse of blue sea, blue sky is limitless and blue is usually calm, quiet.
Yellow is light. The yellow color is cheerful, creative and warm.

Secondary Color
Secondary colors obtained from mixing primary colors. Mixed red and blue produces purple, blue and yellow colors mixed produces a green color while the mixture of red and yellow produce orange.
Green is the dominant color in nature, having the meaning of freshness and renewal, fertility, growth and abundance (abundance). But green is also having an enviable sense.
Orange is the only color the same as the name of fruit (orange = orange), and hence the orange color has meaning freshness. Orange also means fire, warmth, sun, health and adventure. In nature, similar to orange red and yellow, they have pushed nature.
Purple has meaning respect, signifying wealth, elegance and leadership. Purple and green have properties like blue: absorb.
Color Wheel

The color wheel like the picture above shows the relationship between the color and other colors. For example, one pair of colors are located opposite each other have the complementary nature (complementarity). When placed side by side the two colors complement each other so it felt stronger.
Using the Photo Composition

Creating photo filled with blue or green dominant color evokes a feeling of peace. Or we can put pressure by playing two of the most contrasting colors, such as photographing models dressed in red holding umbrella. One thing to note is that our eyes are attracted to the subject of the photo with the bright colors, so if photographing flowers look yellow background with calm colors such as green. Sample photo above is a photo that utilizes two complementary colors on the color wheel (red and green opposite each other on the color wheel diagram).
Okay, good find and combine colors in your photo.