Balanced Nutrition For Small

Feeding children is not a simple thing. Especially for children in the early days of growth. He not only requires adequate nutrition, but also appropriate and balanced.

Especially for children aged 4 to 8 months, milk is still the staple food are loaded with nutrients. Fortunately, if the mother has sufficient milk to meet your baby optimal nutrition. But what if the mother does not have enough milk, or child nutrition is not met again only with breast milk? How does she introduce advanced formula or supplement that is right for your child?

So that mothers need not worry when replacing milk, she needs to equip themselves with knowledge about the ins and outs of nutrition and how food supplement is appropriate for your child. And to avoid misunderstanding, the following tips would like to invite mothers to learn more about the nutritional needs of the child as well as the proper way providing balanced nutrition your baby needs during growth. With optimal knowledge, surely your child grow into a healthy and intelligent children, and of course the pride of Mother.

Breast milk remains the best

Undeniably, breast milk is the first food and much-needed primary child. In addition to clean and safe to give to your baby, breast milk contains nutrients that are needed baby. Compared to formula, breast milk contains more cholesterol is actually necessary for the formation of nerve baby.

Another plus is the nutrients contained in milk is easily digested and absorbed by the baby, rather than the nutrients contained in infant formula. For example, fat. Fat in breast milk is more easily digested and absorbed because milk contains fat absorbing enzymes called lipases. Breastfeeding also serves to prevent the baby from drinking too much, because the flow of milk is always different and out according to the needs of the baby.