Avoid the emergence of Moire Pattern in Photos

After my previous post about the understanding of Moire pattern discussed in the context of photography, in this article we will discuss how to avoid the appearance of moire patterns in an image. If you’ve already got moire, it’s rather difficult to eliminate even if we use sophisticated software, so we avoid as much they appear in the photo. Please follow the steps below to avoid:

1. Direct Check Photos When Photographing Objects With Patterns That Meeting
Make sure the photos when shooting an object that has a repeating pattern dense and complex, you immediately check out the photos at once. Zoom the image in the camera’s LCD to 100% and scroll photos to examine whether or not the moire appear. If you see moire in the photos, select some of the steps below before you take another object.
2. Change Or Change Long Focal Distance
When moire visible, it is best to avoid it by changing the distance between the sensor to the object image. We could actually moved physically (running away or closer) or we can zoom in or zoom out the focal length. Remember that Moiré patterns appear when the object image has detail that is beyond the resolution of the sensor, so by changing the distance of the object image we can reduce the level of detail of the pattern.
3. Change Focus to Other Areas
Although not as effective as the second step, you should try it. Move the focus to other areas of the object image.
4. Replace Angle (Angle Shot)
Sometimes just by changing the shooting angle, moire can be lost in total. If you had been standing, try squatting, or if it was from the left try to shoot from the right.
5. Reduce Aperture, use f/16 f/11 Up
When reducing certain aperture to aperture, will appear diffraction (bending) direction of light entering the lens. Diffraction effectively reduces the resolution (level of detail) that can eliminate moire.
If the above methods moire still stubborn and still appear in the photos, the last step is to reduce it through the editing process using software like Lightroom. Hello mas moire, would you step aside for a moment?