Changing Extension Tube Lens Macro Lens Being Ordinary

If at any time you want to shoot macro but do not want to buy a special macro lens, there are several inexpensive alternative scenarios that can be used:
Install the extension tube between the lens and the camera body
Install the filter in front of the lens close-up
Reversing the lens (reverse ring)


Photo above was taken with a 50mm f/1.4 lens plus 36mm Kenko extension tube
Gradually we will discuss each of the options, but for this article we focus on the use of extension tubes. Okay on with it:
Extension tubes are mounted between the camera body and lens, thus effectively increasing the distance between the front element of the lens and the sensor field, which in turn will increase the magnification of the lens and change the minimum focusing distance.

Extension tube is a cylindrical metal ring and has no optical elements, so the image quality is not affected by the optical, but we also do not expect the quality can match the quality of the special macro lens. We can pile up some extension tubes as well as to be able get more magnification levels. Continue reading “Changing Extension Tube Lens Macro Lens Being Ordinary”

Dealing with emergency vehicles when driving

With hospitals, large accident and emergency services and many police stations, cities have more than their fair share of emergency vehicles on the roads. Some drivers will almost do anything to the road and they often put themselves or others in danger whatsoever in the process. Dealing with emergency vehicles can be a real problem for students, driving lessons and instructors need to know how to calm the students and make sure they are doing the right thing. It is customary for new drivers when they hear a siren in panic. In the street of new students feel much less the right to be there, other than experienced drivers and tend to think they can get in the way of other drivers. Continue reading “Dealing with emergency vehicles when driving”

Photo Tips In Zoo

The zoo is one of the favorite places of photography enthusiasts, perhaps because most of us are fond of animals as objects picture yet feels heavy and troublesome if it should really to the forest, the zoo is the middle road. If you’ve never tried your photography skills at the zoo, then photographing at the zoo must be tested.
Okay, before you actually leave first, we will discuss some tips on photographing at the zoo so that good will your photo results, please:
What you need to Enter Into Camera Bags?
Equipment that I recommend to take a combination of SLR cameras + medium telephoto lens on 85 mm or Super Zoom compact cameras with optical zoom 10-12 times if you have a so-so taken with a macro lens.
This long lens is needed because most animals the animals were placed in the garden a little distance away from the visitors, and often added a wire fence between them. Medium telephoto lens / super zoom can overcome this condition. But if you only have a short lens, do not fret, you can still use it to photograph animal attractions, animals roam benign or even the atmosphere at the zoo itself.
Direct Focus On Eyes
As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, to capture the soul of “bestiality” they are clear, focus your shots on the animal’s eyes. If you successfully capture the distinctive look of an animal, your photo will feel more deeply and had a touch of
It Wire Fence
He he … of course the words above just figuratively (I still just love the camera if you get attacked by the Tiger). I mean really, do not let the wire fence that appears in the images you later. Tricks to eliminate wires that are not visible in the photo is this:
Use aperture priority (or manual) Continue reading “Photo Tips In Zoo”

Important Factors Before Buying a House

Having a dream home would have to be one of the greatest hopes for some people. But to be able to have a private home, it is not an easy task. There are various factors that should be considered, especially if you are interested in buying a second-hand home. Besides the price factor, the overall condition of the home should also be considered the most important.

What are the factors that must be taken into consideration for you? Here are six important things you should consider before buying a house, so the house comfortable inhabited, and you do not lose money.


For the tread alias landed house, the roof is the most important factor that must be considered. Note from every angle, whether there are signs of damage to the roof, because the slightest damage will have a major impact in the future. Consider whether there is wood lath roof tiles weathered or damaged. Remember, repair the roof is not cheap. Continue reading “Important Factors Before Buying a House”

Aquarium Photo Tips

You have an aquarium at home? Or you will visit such a giant aquarium at Seaworld? Now try to make the aquarium as images of objects of interest. The challenge of shooting in a glass aquarium is located between the lens and the object image, whereas we want to produce images without the slightest trace of glass. Another challenge is the lack of light.
If all this time you’ve tried to make a picture with the object fish (or plants) in the aquarium and not always satisfactory, try some of these tips:
Use the fastest lens you have. Because the fish in the aquarium tend to move when lighting in aquariums tend to be very less compared to outdoors. Therefore, use the fastest lens you have. Lens with f/2.8 or faster aperture will help.
Buy Rubber Lens Hood. It costs about Rp. 100 thousand, but very rewarding. When photographing an object through the glass, we have to make sure that the distance between the lens and the glass should be as close and as stable as possible. By installing a rubber lens hood, we can make the lens as closely attached to the glass and thus the reflection of the glass will be removed. You can buy this rubber hood here. Continue reading “Aquarium Photo Tips”

Guessing Emotions One Of His body language

Some opinions say that we have really noticed a change in the face in order to know, or at least guess what emotion a person is feeling. Eyebrows were raised, eyes dilated, or certain movements of the mouth, are a few things that could be one of the clues to guess the feelings of one individual.

Opinions just is in fact true, because the movements of the face are often caused by the emotional changes in a small scale. But when it comes to the emotional changes in a large scale, you are no longer able to guess or read someone’s feelings just face it.

A study has recently been released in the journal Science, suggests that large-scale changes in emotion cannot only be seen from the change in the face. We should also pay more attention to the body language of a person to be able to see the emotions he felt. These conclusions were derived from a study carried out by researchers from Princeton, New York University, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Continue reading “Guessing Emotions One Of His body language”

Elements of Composition in Photography: Shape


In a series of earlier compositions, we have discussed the line (line) as one of the constituent elements of the composition of a photograph. Well, let’s move on to the next element: the form (shape).
Basically, the form is more fundamental than the other elements because the shape is the way we give the identification of an object (oh, excuse my words very abstract …). You just can you estimate what ya look like a radio broadcaster based sound you hear, but never see directly you can only guess. You may smell the fragrance of flowers and guess about the type flowers, but without direct form you will never be sure whether you guessed right or wrong.
In principle, the shape gives your photos a distinct identity so that people who see no need to guess. A silhouette image as the photo above is the most obvious example of the form.
Further implementation, geometric shapes also can use as a benchmark in setting up several objects in your photos so your photos will look more dynamic as well organized. Suppose you have to shoot 3 people in a single picture, if you set up the same three high you will get a photo of the rigid and less unsightly. Than if you arrange them to form a triangle then the whole picture you will look more dynamic, balanced and interesting.

Just another example of the geometric arrangement:

Okay, good to experiment with forms in your photos.

Give Attention At Home Renovation

Renovating the house can not be done arbitrarily. Besides expensive, renovations certainly takes a long time. In order not to swell and renovation budget was running smoothly, consider seven things you should note the following, according to the website of The Nest.

Think Ripe
Notice how the lifestyle, needs, desires, goals, level of difficulty, and budget when you are renovating the house. Think of the possibilities that would happen, for example if you need to put the kitchen in front of the garage, if the ladder is safe for children, and so on. You can consult with an expert interior, a friend or relative who knows a lot about the arrangement of the house.

Make a file that contains the design dream house. Both clipping sample pictures or any kind to help inspire you in renovating the house. The way you describe it makes it wishes with an interior designer or architect. Record meetings and advice from them, and do not forget to factor in the costs to be incurred. Organizing each plan will save time, money, and keep you from stress.
Continue reading “Give Attention At Home Renovation”

Sensors street parking shall serve learners master

Already by some district councils can park sensors available on street parking monitor. They are also informed of guards and other officials when the time is up. Trainer driver must ensure that students understand the parking rules. This is sufficiently covered by the test current curriculum? New roads sensors monitor vehicles as they enter and exit the parking lot. The units are designed so that information about available places will be available on smartphones and tablets with an application. This seems reasonable, but there is a risk that people with their devices while driving around looking for a space. There are many campaigns on reducing the use of mobile phones while driving due to the increase in the number of accidents caused by this behavior. Continue reading “Sensors street parking shall serve learners master”

10 Things That Can Improve Your Photos By Instant No Fees

Photography lovers have a tendency to spend time debating things that have a small contribution in improving the quality of the picture, eg: Nikon vs. Canon debate brands, many hours hanging out in photography forums online, busy thinking to replace the more expensive lenses. Here we collect 10 things that you can do immediately improve your photos for free! no cost. Okay:
1. Learn All The DSLR Camera Function Yes the hands.
Not just aperture, shutter speed and focus, I mean EVERYTHING. Never try to exploit the capabilities of your DSLR to make a photo light painting? How to photograph fireworks? AEL, Bracketing? Identify as many functions and features available on camera you. Fad-isenglah jabbing the camera, if you hit things you do not understand, open the manual. With mengeksploarsi camera to the maximum, we can stimulate our creativity as well as extending the perspective of photography.

2. Determine your Idol Photo.
Have you ever seen a picture and immediately “fell in love” with the photo? if not immediately specify the photo to be your idol! You’ve met? Okay now look at the photo again last idol and think about why you can fall in love with her. Is it because its composition? or because the story? expression? or is it light? Is the photo landcape photo? photo or portrait or street? That way we can realize, “Oh, what’s that taste like here.” And taste = taste = interest, we can go from there to pursue your goals, heheh … Continue reading “10 Things That Can Improve Your Photos By Instant No Fees”