Adjusting Spatial with Personality

Did you know, if it can keep house based on the type of personality? KEIZA Amorani in his book, Fresh Ideas Organizing house, as quoted from, described four types of personalities that we can make a guide to choosing furniture, wall color, interior accessories, to the layout of the house.

Divided into four personality types, here’s a guide:

Sanguine cheerful

This type is synonymous with everything that is cheerful by nature extrovert, friendly, dynamic, active, and likes to experiment. Replace and change the decor of the house according to your mood or trend could be one of his hobbies.

This type is very fond of activities and hanging out with friends and relatives. If you are of this type, choose the type of open house with living space without insulation and 2-3 colors as the primary colors for walls and floors. Choose furniture and upholstery nuanced country or retro. Get more choice with a mix of various styles.

Choleric organized

This type is happy to organize everything, spirited leader, and enjoys a variety of activities. Choleric not like detail, all the same color for her. Efficiency and effectiveness is the key word in his life. Choleric is very dominant. This affects the objects it owns. Colors are strong and firm favorites of this type, as well as strong character design always be an option.

If you are of this type, choose a classic minimalist design or character. Brown, black, and maroon colors suitable for primary homes. Choose furniture made of iron or teak. Avoid using a lot of detail accessory space. Use of genuine leather upholstery.

Plegmatis relaxed

Relaxed and enjoyed life is the hallmark of type plegmatis. Excess is a private stable, but tend to be less dynamic. He likes the situation as it is without the desire to change. He enjoys all before him.

If you are of this type, choose a minimalist design natural cool or memorable. Make a lot of openings to include natural elements as much as possible so as to create a relaxed atmosphere in the room.

Use shades of monochrome series beige, brown or white. Choose furniture made from wood with a natural design. Use light-colored and textured upholstery. Solid colors and patterns you can make a refreshing accentuation.

Melancholic romantic

Beauty, cleanliness, and orderliness are important to this type. The melancholy romantic side is very high, I wonder if he has the soul of high art. Her mood quickly changed by the situation around so that the comfort of the home becomes an important aspect for him. Melancholy likes detail, even the smallest ones.

If you are of this type, select and apply design victoria classic with vintage details. Use upholstery made from velvet, feathers, and lace. In addition, you have to be creative play pep colors. Create the corners specifically to put various interior accessories. Use fresh flowers to enhance the mood, as well as India or China silk used as an accent.

So, did you find a suitable personality type? May be useful!