6 Tips For Travel photos or your Unique Picnic

When traveling or sightseeing is an exciting time to add to the coffers photo in our catalog while honing shooting skills. New atmosphere, new place, new people with a different routine than what we see everyday, landmark somewhere, all are images of objects of interest.

In order for our travel photographs look unique, follow the following tips:

1. Encourage yourself to talk to strangers
Dare to ask strangers portraits with interesting characters we instantly make photo unique. Not easy indeed if you are a shy type of person, it takes courage to change the basic nature, but if it could be the result definitely worth it. For portraits while traveling, ask permission politely, fathers who are working mothers food vendors at the market will usually be happy to pose for you. After that show the images on the camera’s LCD so they are happy.

2. For travel portraits, use a wide lens
When traveling and want someone portraits, use a wide lens. Photos shot with a wide lens to give the impression of familiar and show the environment in which the photo was taken. When you ride a paddle boat, the oarsman photograph as well as show the beauty of the lake / ocean where you are.
3. Bring equipment that is simple and quick
When is a good time traveling you forget lenses are heavy and bulky, more comfortable we use a small lens or mirrorless camera or even use a pocket camera well. If you have a superzoom lens this time carrying it. Besides not complicated, when using equipment that is small and simple to make us look like a tourist and not a photographer, also make people more friendly.
4. Before leaving, looking for information about your travel destination
If you go to the temple Borobudur, find out the opening hours and close location of the temple, who knows you could photograph the sunrise there. Find examples are also photos of other travelers who’ve been photographing Borobudur. In addition, you can also see photos postcard travel destination if any.

5. Plan well
In addition to planning the trip yourself, think about your photography needs. Be sure to bring enough memory card, or at least bring a laptop so at night you can empty the contents of the memory card is full.

6. Challenge yourself
Sometimes we’ve ever visited a place and then back again over there, try shooting from different spots, different angle or a different time. Try an unusual angle so that your photos look more unique.
Okay survived a walk.