3 Reasons You Do not Need to Fear Photographing With High ISO

We use a very high ISO (above 800) when faced with a situation like this: when the light source available is dim, when we need a high shutter speed, when we do not want to use flash, and when we did not bring a tripod. Concern is greatest when we raise the ISO up above 800 is the emergence of noise, little black spots that usually appear in the final image.
But blessed are you, because it seems to concerns about the emergence of this noise can begin to be eroded. There are 3 reasons good enough so that you can rest easy though using high ISO shooting. What is it? :
Development of Camera Technology
Almost all of the newest generation of SLR cameras have a noise reduction technology (noise reduction) is very reliable, we can shoot up to ISO 1800 and the results are still very viable. To my knowledge, almost all Nikon SLR cameras and Canon output from beginner to pro class grade is very good in getting rid of noise arising from the use of high ISO. Even some quality compact cameras like the Panasonic LX3 (or the latest LX5) apply noise reduction technology very well.
We Can Use Noise Reduction Software
If by chance you do not have a camera noise reduction technology is sophisticated, yet you can use noise reduction software when processing the photos on the computer. Software like Noise Ninja, Noiseware or very potent aside Dfine noise from your photos quickly and easily.
Not All That Noise Sin
Yeah right, even when you do not have a camera with an advanced noise reduction technology, and do not want to use a noise removal software, do not worry. Not all of the noise that appears in the photos you must be removed. Sometimes it looks artistic photos with the noise that arises. Photo below is produced by ISO 800, using a SLR camera relative beginner class is a bit old school (Nikon D40), and are not processed with noise reduction software. You can see a lot of noise in the background purple, and the results are still good right?

Okay, good shooting at high ISO!