20 Tips Photos Portrait

Photo portrait, portraits or pictures of faces are often the most frequent photo we produce. If you have a family, I believe they are the most frequent images of objects exist and are readily available. Likewise, if you have a boyfriend, friend etc.. In this article we will discuss 20 tips portraits. Please: please:
1. Shoot them in the place that makes them comfortable.
Ever try photographing your grandfather in the photo studio? not awkward. Once upon a time try to photograph them in their working environment, such as reading a newspaper at home, at the office at work. Portraits of children are the easiest example: when they are playing with her favorite toys, while their eyes are cheerful, shoot.
2. Photograph Children of the same height with their eyes.
Squat down and make the lens level with their eyes, only took photos of them.
3. Maximize lighting from the window.
It does not matter if we do not have an external flash or lighting a sophisticated, we can maximize natural lighting, use of light passing through your window. Position the object image beside the window so that the light from the window on my face from the side, not perpendicular to the face.
4. Avoid using on-camera flash.
On camera flash is a flash on camera attached to your luggage. Because the light emitted from a flash this direction perpendicular to the face of the lighting will be hard and flat, instead of beautifying facial images of objects it makes it look hard.
5. Deliberately overexpose photos.
Deliberately raise the exposure of the camera to capture a face make the face look more white, clean and modern impressed. If you observe facial photographs in magazines tend to use this technique. The technique is also often overexpose  called high key.
6. Spoke to the object image.
By talking to the object image, we break the tension and make their faces weak, and hopefully make them smile off. You can ask standard stuff though crisp, for example: “In the past when I was little I liked to steal fruit in your backyard tablets?” Or “I see you 9 all UN values, how to do?”. (Crisp huh? I know i was crisp)
7. If the object of his picture is really shy, love partner.
Often we see images of objects that really do not know imaging, so the lens faces leading to their sudden death style. Love their friends, be her best friend, girlfriend, wife or children.
8. Know the purpose shooting.
Make sure we know why the photo later. If it is used to create a facebook profile photo, use the vertical orientation. If you try to take pictures for wedding invitations in landscape orientation (horizontal) orientation corresponding invitation.
9. Shooting in broad daylight does not matter if you know the tricks.
For shooting in broad daylight, place the object image to the sun, then use spot metering mode. Take measurements in the area of the eye or nose and portraits. Background will be overexposed, but the face will be good.
10. Create a composition and focus and not vice versa
Arrange the composition of the photo, if you have steady then grab the focus in the eye area and new photos.
11. Love the toy model.
Being a model alias object image is not an easy job, if we take the size clear: exposure-composition-light, etc., if the model is no definite measurable. There are only those of the photographer + lens versus large snout. To help them relax, take a few prop (of the property), such as: flowers, hats, gum, toys children, chairs, books, etc.. That way they can play around with the prop earlier and be relaxed.
12. When shooting groups, point to focus on the people closest to the camera.
You will regret it if you do not, focus point on the face closest to the camera. If  focus elsewhere, usually the face of the closest would be a bit out of focus if we are using a large aperture.
13. Check the sharpness of the picture by checking eyelashes.
Rather difficult to check whether or not sharp photos from the camera’s LCD, but still can be done. Zoom picture as much as possible and then scroll down to not eyes or eyebrows. If you can see individual eyelashes look sharp mean your photo will be super sharp, if not, do not be lazy … repeat.
14. If you like portraits, buy vertical grip.
Besides giving extra batteries, vertical grip is also very easy for us to compose a photo with a vertical orientation. Besides being more agile hands when operating in a vertical orientation.
15. For candid photos, use a telephoto lens.
To make a good candid photos, you have to “disappear” from the location. This means that people will not be so aware of your target face. In an event: wedding, party or get-together, take out your telephoto lens and “dissapeard” of the location. You can shoot people from a distance without her realizing that her expression was really loose and spontaneous.
16. For portraits street (street), use a small lens and a small camera.
Wandering the streets or markets with a monster lens and the camera high profile will make people nervous, then use a lens and a camera that is not too flashy.
17. Communication clearly.
Ability to communicate clearly is an important requirement for portrait photographers. Good interaction with the model will help us produce good photographs, as well as discussing the concepts of shooting, to determine the location, type of clothing etc..
18. Take advantage of natural light reflectors.
When shooting on the beach with white sand, white sand is naturally a good reflector. When shooting in the city, we can use a silver car or a wall. When shooting on the lake, the water is naturally reflective. Do not give up if you forgot to bring or did not have reflectors.
19. Wait for a cloudy day.
Today is cloudy when a friendly environment for portrait photographers. Chance to make light of the sun to be flat and soft as clouds become a giant reflector up there.
20. When photographing children playing, use the continuous mode.
Photographing children who were playing ball, running around or playing jump rope need speed. Use shutter priority, set a fast shutter. Then change the mode to continuous mode.