10 Things That Can Improve Your Photos By Instant No Fees

Photography lovers have a tendency to spend time debating things that have a small contribution in improving the quality of the picture, eg: Nikon vs. Canon debate brands, many hours hanging out in photography forums online, busy thinking to replace the more expensive lenses. Here we collect 10 things that you can do immediately improve your photos for free! no cost. Okay:
1. Learn All The DSLR Camera Function Yes the hands.
Not just aperture, shutter speed and focus, I mean EVERYTHING. Never try to exploit the capabilities of your DSLR to make a photo light painting? How to photograph fireworks? AEL, Bracketing? Identify as many functions and features available on camera you. Fad-isenglah jabbing the camera, if you hit things you do not understand, open the manual. With mengeksploarsi camera to the maximum, we can stimulate our creativity as well as extending the perspective of photography.

2. Determine your Idol Photo.
Have you ever seen a picture and immediately “fell in love” with the photo? if not immediately specify the photo to be your idol! You’ve met? Okay now look at the photo again last idol and think about why you can fall in love with her. Is it because its composition? or because the story? expression? or is it light? Is the photo landcape photo? photo or portrait or street? That way we can realize, “Oh, what’s that taste like here.” And taste = taste = interest, we can go from there to pursue your goals, heheh …
3. Learning Selecting & Sorting Photos.
How fotokah that you produce for a camera? Have tried to select the best 25 photos (or 50 if your photo collection has reached 10 thousand or more) of all of them? If not you should start. Select the 25 best photos you will ever make, try selecting it seriously.
4. Print Great Photos Your Best Friend And Me Rate The Layman Photography.
If you have completed step 3, try printing the photographs. Print out the biggest size you can afford, try printing at a print shop that is pretty good. Then ask your friends or relatives or neighbors who lay photography to vote, ask him to sort the good from the bad and to ask why. Ask the people who lay photography we can find out what other people notice about our photos. Best art, in whatever form, is an art that can diaperesiasi by the layman. We often lose perspective, taking in order to get attention from other photographers.
5. Test your finger agility.
Okay, try this. Bring a camera and go in a dark room with no light. Try varying your aperture setting, shutter, ISO, focus mode, metering mode, etc.. Can you do it smoothly without menlihat the buttons on the camera? Great pianist or guitarist legendary knew exactly where fingers should be placed to generate all the combinations of tones. The key to good work is to forget the technology (tools) that produced them and focus on his artistic taste. If we are on camera button still be prohibitive, difficult to create a focus on artistry before. Make sure the issue is resolved, we know exactly where to change the setting almost spontaneously, then we can focus on photography not recall button.
6. Find a Partner In Photography.
If Sherlock Holmes needed Dr.. Watson and Batman needs Robin (maybe Superman do not need, because yes it is SUPER MAN), perhaps we also need a partner. Having chum in photography is a tremendous advantage. Can exchange ideas, sometimes mutually borrow tools and sharing information and hunting together make a lot of things accomplished faster than when done alone. Communities nice photos, but if you are the kind of people who do not have much time or can not often leave the house, look for chum photo RT environment, Sodara close or office mates enough.
7. Print One Photo Computing In Large Size, Frame And Put On-wall.
That way we can be motivated to make the other photos are also worth mounted on the wall. With so much to give comments and suggestions for our pictures.

8. Learn New Tricks Digital Imaging.
Recognized or not, a good digital photos will never be separated from the process of editing in Photoshop or Lightroom. Starting from cropping, color fixing, straightening pictures, mengilangkan cable from landscape photos, create photo panoramas, HDR photos to make a photo look vintage require this process. We do not need to be an expert in Photoshop / Lightroom, but know important principles is needed. In the days of film, photographers know darkroom process, we also need to know the process or software like Photoshop for fine-tuning our final image.
9. Photographing The City Atmosphere Day.
Susana photographing the city at night to test our ability to repair themselves. We will be forced to focus on the light, was forced to think about the composition because it requires a tripod, and really think about the exposure of having to use a high ISO and long shutter speed. So if all this time you have not do so, do it soon!
10. Frequently Sharing.
Sharing knowledge makes us motivated to add new pengatahuan, and make other people do not hesitate to share what he knows us. You can share information with your photography friends. You can start here, just click the Facebook Like button or the end of the article under the title will make this information spread out on your friends, or like facebook page to learn photography.
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Okay, immediately improve the quality of your photos now!