10 Basic Tips Before Taking Music Concert

Music concerts are fascinating objects to hone our photography skills, from its dynamic forcing us must quickly adapt to changes in the mood to read challenging lighting properties that we must face when setting up the settings on the camera. For those of you who have never tried to photograph a concert, here are some quick tips that hopefully can help make your photographs more interesting results:
Start of the concert near you.
Have you started to learn football and the national team immediately called PSSI dreaming? mystical is not it? Well this is true also in the photography world music concerts. If you are just beginning to learn to shoot a concert, start from the child. If you happen to students, try to find their own musical events at school or school friends. If you happen to be an employee, start of the event at the office. Only later moved to larger concerts, music competitions such as regional in nature. Do not jump too high, start small.
Local musical events make us less nervous and help us more familiar with the atmosphere of concert music in general. Large-scale music concerts usually require ID sign the official photographer, so for those of you who are just starting out can be hindered by it.
Recognize the structure of the event.
Try before you leave, we know the outline of the structure of the event. That way we can save energy and concentration, know when to approach and when to leave the stage. If we know what will happen in the next few moments, we must anticipate a lot better.
Pack as necessary.
Do not carry equipment and supplies beyond what we need. You do not need to carry a tripod, the lens does not need to carry more than two (even one was enough) and do not need to carry a charger. Defaults are concise and necessary allows us to move with agile and can actually concentrate.
The photo is a good photo can tell by itself. Example: while covering a rock concert, make sure the photos can tell that the vocalist to sing with full force until his neck muscles all out, while the guitarist shows his ability as a potential replacement for Steve Vai by lifting his guitar high. Without you give the title photo, people also know that you are photographing concerts is a rock concert.
Raise the ISO setting.
Often music concerts are held in the building with minimal lighting, or even held in the evening. If it’s insufficient lighting on the stage, raise the ISO setting on your digital SLR. Despite appearing noise, at least get the picture pretty much sharper.
Setting white balance on auto position.
Stage for musical concerts are usually decorated with striking colorful light to create a dramatic atmosphere. With frequently changing colors, I sure you’ll run out of time if you want to vary the white balance setting. Therefore, use the auto white balance setting on your DLSR.
Use the fastest lens you have.
If you have an f/1.4 lens to use it for most of your photos. If you have the fastest lens f/2.8 aperture, what may make this wear. Photo concerts usually relies on an interesting moment, which can only be achieved when we have enough speed. With the combination of a fast lens and high ISO (but reasonable), we can capture the good moments with a fairly sharp image quality, which could have been overlooked if we are too slow shutter.
Do not forget the audience.
Each song has a unique reaction to the listener, as well as the action of musicians and singers on stage surely bring its own reaction. Grab your audience’s reaction to shots.
Do not forget the environment.
Do not forget to shoot the environment around the stage, do not just focus on the singers and musicians only. Images as well as the guitar in the stem, while the drum set, the sound system at test time, when people try lighting a lamp or cable reels may also be interesting in the corner?
Introduce yourself.
Make yourself known in the circle of those concerts. Introduce yourself politely to the members of the band, try talking to the sound system / lighting. Introduce yourself to the organizers and fellow photographers. Ask for email addresses and send the results of your photo on them. Who knows you will begin to be accepted well by the people who are regularly engaged in the affairs of the concert, even with all musicians. That way future business will be much more smoothly, you will get further and further leakage event roam freely on the concert stage.
Well good produce your first concert!